Monday, February 06, 2017

854. Ten reasons why Sasikala is the right candidate to become CM

1. She is a good administrator, she knows how to administer a job efficiently and effectively
2. She knows how to kick start a campaign
3. She knows how to close matters too with utmost secrecy. Hence she is the right person to maintain top secrets
4. She is a great orator in Tamil even if it means that she has to just read from a piece of paper
5. She knows the pulse of the Tamil people ( Movie CDs)
6. Amma gave her the yellow rose, which symbolically means "Pluck the yellow shawl guy from Tamil Nadu politics just like how I plucked this rose"
7. She is mentally tough, she can make others to become mental
8. She has been cheated by her husband; but still forgave him
9. She loves the poor and needy just like Mother Teresa
10. She is a master planner

No wonder she is the best candidate to become the CM of Tamil Nadu

- Chronicwriter

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