Tuesday, January 31, 2017

850. The busiest blogging month of my life

January 2017 will go down in my history as the month in which I became a blog maniac. I published at least one blog everyday. Including this blog post, the number goes up to 32. 

Why am I happy?

I am happy because I found the rhythm that I once had in writing content.

I am also happy because the page hits have again become what it used to be back in 2008. I have got the rhythm back and now I have to get my humor bone back too. I seriously misplaced that gift somewhere in my life's journey. I am still searching for it. Okay! Enough of my self dabba! Let me take you through some of the key blogs that I wrote this month. I am adding the top 4 blogs for this month. This is based on number of page views and engagement in social media channels.

Click each image to read the respective blogs

Every one can become a suicide victim. This blog takes us through the life of Anthony Riley who died when he was becoming famous. The music video in the blog will make you fall in love with this guy

The following blog could have been the biggest controversy in Indian history. But I just swept it under the carpet.

If this blog does not give me happiness, I may as well become a Sadhu. Click the below picture to know about the sleazy life of Sadhus.

Hollywood movies have the special knack to surprise you when you are not ready for it. An incident that happened in my life is captured here in this blog below

There are a few more blogs that did well in the blog office. You can click this [link] to read all my posts in January 2017

February is the month of love. So I will be writing a romantic mega story in the month of February. 


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