Monday, January 30, 2017

849. Ennadhu Gandhiji sethutaaraa

69 years ago, on this day, the father of Dineshan was shot dead by an RSS terrorist. When I was in school, we would have debates and high octane discussions to decided who the mother of the nation is. None of us arrived at a conclusion for that question. It is one of those questions that is still unanswered in my life.

Another question for which I have not found an answer yet is  "Why did Renu reject my love in school?"  If I think about Renu, I have lot of questions in my head. I am at least happy that she has named her second son "Chriz". That is a sign that she still thinks about me. But her first son's name is Rajesh and I have no clue who Rajesh is.

Do you guys know who is the chithappa of TamilNadu? To know that one has to first know why the Appa is? Believe me guys! This is not a political satire post.

Coming back to Gandhi, the father of the Nation's death is still marred by controversies. Godse admitted of shooting him twice, the Government said 3, where as the media announced that he was shot 4 times; but a post mortem was never done on the father of Dineshan. Right from his death, to the recent one of Jayalalitha, lot of questions still remain unanswered. History books will be written, rewritten and all of us will be holding on to an opinion they think is right.

And one person will suddenly ask the question "Ennadhu Gandhi sethutaaraa?" (Has Gandhi Died?)


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