Saturday, January 28, 2017

847. Throwback year in sports

If you are in your early thirties and mid twenties, this year (2017) would have already taken you to your teenage days through the world of sports. Dhoni and Yuvraj scored hundreds each in a single match by showcasing their free-flow hitting prowess and took us all back down memory lane. They made us believe that if you are raring to go, you can achieve anything irrespective of your age.

Leander Paes is still going strong. He lost in the first round of Australian open and lost the mixed doubles match playing along side Martina Hingis. But this old horse still has one more grand slam title left in him. He has done it all in tennis ever since he started playing with Ramesh Krishnan.

The Williams sister are in the finals of the Australian open too. They have sent a strong signal to Kerber and Radwanska by telling them to make way for them to have a center court showdown. With power hitting, the Williams sisters have redefined the women's game.

The Bryan brothers are in the finals too. They will go past the Woodies and become the greatest ever doubles team in the world if they win the finals. The chest bumping celebratory style is something they have made their own. Paes and Bhupathy would have given them a tough competition; but ego came in between them.

Finally, Rafa and FedExpress. When the world started thinking that their days are over and it is time for Djokovic and Andy Murray to replace them, these two have again come back from no where. When the kings of tennis appear, all others have to give way to them.

Nadal has always had an edge over Federer in clay and hardcourts; Federer had an edge over Nadal in grass in the beginning of their rivalry. I have always rooted for Federer. But this time, I don't care who emerges out as the winner; I just want an epic five setter.

If you are thinking that it is time to hang your boots, I would request you to give one more try. May be this is your comeback year. 


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  1. Great post...have always like fedex for his game tenacity and absolute tranquility 😁


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