Saturday, January 21, 2017

840. Why I am scared of English movies even now

English movies have the ability to surprise us. The first movie I watched in a video CD was the movie Titanic. The Titanic movie got released in November 1997. I was in class 11 at that time. I did not watch it in theaters. My friend got me a Titanic movie CD in Jan 1998. 

I got the CD home and started watching it in the drawing room. My parents and grand parents were in the bed room talking about their golden days. I was engrossed in the movie. I had already fallen in love with Kate Winslet because of her lively nature in that movie.

I did not have the slightest of doubts that Kate was kinky she points to a pendant says "I want you to draw a picture of me, wearing this.... Only this". May be I was innocent or may be I was not ready to even imagine what was coming. 

And in no time she had freed herself from her robes and Leo got into the painting act. I was not expecting that at all. For a boy who was really innocent till that point ( Yes! I was 16, but I was indeed innocent for that age), it came as a shocker.

Suddenly I heard my grand mother screaming "Chriz! What are you watching" and when I looked up, my parents and grand parents were staring at me in anger. They were thinking that I was watching porn. 

The TV was switched off, the CD was taken out and broken to pieces and I was banned from watching TV till I finished my 11th grade. I still remember this as if it happened just yesterday. No wonder I am still scar(r)ed of English movies; not because of the steamy scenes, but I never know what it has in store for me



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