Thursday, January 19, 2017

838. Why did he ask me that kostin?

I have joined quora with hopes of answering some brilliant questions. At the moment, I am answering questions revolving around sports.

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I have decided not to answer any relationship questions after I saw an 18 year old Quora user attempting to answer questions on topics on bringing up children, divorce. 

Every morning, when I wake up to blog, I would have a few questions in my Quora mailbox to be answered. Today when I opened my Quora inbox, I got this message

How on earth do they come up with such questions? Even the guy who asked viva questions for my Engineering project did not ask such questions to me.

Kohli has a girlfriend and Sunny Leone is married. But how would I know if Kohli has the hots for her? To make the matter worse, the guy who asked the question has a profile name "Sucker". 

Hey Sucker! Why da? Why do you do this to me?


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