Tuesday, January 10, 2017

828. StandUp Comedy without a script

I am editing my set-piece content moments before I started my act
So this has become my official stand up comedy attire. I always wanted to create a brand for myself in the stand-up comedy circuit. A guitar and a denim attire has now become my style statement. I know there is no style nor statement in that combo. But summa sollikalaamnu. My latest stand-up comedy performance happened on 7th January 2017. I was called to entertain a small audience of around 30 people for the 100th milestone meeting of a particular group of toastmasters in Chennai. .

A night before this act, I had a telephone conversation with the organizer of the event.

Organizer: So Chriz! Are you ready with the stand-up comedy material?

Me: Not yet! But I will be ready tomorrow

Organizer: Ok cool. Looking forward to it tomorrow

Me: Sure. By the way, Is there something I should not speak on?

Organizer: Oh Yes! In toastmasters club, we are not supposed to talk on three things

Me: What are they?

Organizer: 1) Politics 2) Religion 3) Sex

Me: Oh! My!! Let me check my script again

Organizer: See you tomorrow then.

I checked my script and saw this. Out of the 11 points I had in my set-piece, I had to delete 9 points. I was just left with shit jokes. In short my set-piece was nothing but shit.

So invariably on the day of the event, I went and stood before the audience with no script and no concept; but only with my guitar and my belief in impromptu songs and a hope that there would not be that one heckler who would kill me with his one liners. I was ushered with a great introduction ( An introduction that even Aziz Ansari and Russel Peters would not have got). I did what I do best, sing; they laughed, I enjoyed too. The crowd was small; yet the happiness to see each and everyone of them laughing out loud was priceless.

I do have a video of my performance, but I am not adding it here now, because I am planning to use some of them in ticketed shows (If I do ticketed shows in future).



  1. share the video pls

  2. Making people laugh is like giving CPR to a dying heart..
    Kudos buddy keep going.


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