Saturday, January 07, 2017

825. Suicide prevention angels in my timeline

So my friends on Facebook suddenly have suddenly become counselors for suicidal people. This includes my friend Shilpa who blackmails her mother of committing suicide if her mother makes  Uppuma for breakfast. All these dhideer counselors posted the following message on their Facebook walls.

My door is always open, any of my friends or family who need to chat are welcome. It's no good suffering in silence. I have a kettle, tea, coffee and often something stronger, and I will always be here... You are never, not welcome!!

Could at least one friend please copy and repost or share? Depression is a serious and silent disease that many are ashamed of. Stop the silence and shame.

Rajitha, who has blocked all her family members also posted that status message. How on earth will her family members contact her if they are suicidal? 

What made me LOL was the fact that Rajitha does not even know how to boil water. And she had the audacity to post " I have a kettle, tea, coffee and often something stronger". Before posting the message, she should have at least learnt to make a cup of tea. 

If she invites some Fb friend to her house and serves them with her experimental tea, it is comparatively a severe punishment than suicide itself. She is only fit to counsel a suicidal person like the one in the picture below.

Rajitha!!! If you are reading this, I would suggest you to learn to make tea or coffee and then post such a status. I am pretty sure that my Facebook friendlist will have one number less in no time.

- Chronicwriter


  1. everything is a trend. everything is a hashtag for these people. nothing is to be taken seriously...

  2. Unkitta seriya maataranga... Gulp. Inimae romba careful a status podanum fb la.


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