Sunday, January 01, 2017

819. Definition of New Year

My first family picture in 2017
I was waiting for 12 AM to click this picture and post it on FB. But people started wishing everyone "Happy New Year" on 31st evening itself on FB. When many friends started doing that I even had a doubt if it was already New Year. Then I realized that they were all trying to be the first one to wish others. They reminded me of my school friend Sheeba who used to finish all her homework the previous day itself just to get into the good books of the teacher. Atleast finishing homework early is acceptable; but wishing "Happy New Year" on 31st evening is unacceptable. This also reminded me of my friend Suresh who used to dance out of sync in school group dance programs.

I was forced to send out a strong message on FB . New year is a day which is defined as a phenomenon which starts with a count down followed by Kamal Hassan riding a bike and shouting "Hi everybody, wish you a happy new year". Only when that happens, we are supposed to celebrate new year. That is Tamil culture since 1983.

Atleast in the new year, I hope my colleague will change his phone ring tone. For the last 5 months he has been torturing me with kalpana akka's version of Neruppu da song.

 On other news, I was planning to do some inspirational thing in 2017 and I ended up looking at the following news. .

I seriously have no clue where they get such ideas from. I get irritated when people tickle my hands of legs. This guy has found a secret spot to tickle too. If only he had done that to me, I would have farted on his fingers. Has he tickled some one with dysentery is a question only he would know. That brings to the closure of the first blog post this year. Yes, I let out my first fart this new year. I feel light and happy too because of that.


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