Tuesday, January 31, 2017

850. The busiest blogging month of my life

January 2017 will go down in my history as the month in which I became a blog maniac. I published at least one blog everyday. Including this blog post, the number goes up to 32. 

Why am I happy?

I am happy because I found the rhythm that I once had in writing content.

I am also happy because the page hits have again become what it used to be back in 2008. I have got the rhythm back and now I have to get my humor bone back too. I seriously misplaced that gift somewhere in my life's journey. I am still searching for it. Okay! Enough of my self dabba! Let me take you through some of the key blogs that I wrote this month. I am adding the top 4 blogs for this month. This is based on number of page views and engagement in social media channels.

Click each image to read the respective blogs

Every one can become a suicide victim. This blog takes us through the life of Anthony Riley who died when he was becoming famous. The music video in the blog will make you fall in love with this guy

The following blog could have been the biggest controversy in Indian history. But I just swept it under the carpet.

If this blog does not give me happiness, I may as well become a Sadhu. Click the below picture to know about the sleazy life of Sadhus.

Hollywood movies have the special knack to surprise you when you are not ready for it. An incident that happened in my life is captured here in this blog below

There are a few more blogs that did well in the blog office. You can click this [link] to read all my posts in January 2017

February is the month of love. So I will be writing a romantic mega story in the month of February. 


Monday, January 30, 2017

849. Ennadhu Gandhiji sethutaaraa

69 years ago, on this day, the father of Dineshan was shot dead by an RSS terrorist. When I was in school, we would have debates and high octane discussions to decided who the mother of the nation is. None of us arrived at a conclusion for that question. It is one of those questions that is still unanswered in my life.

Another question for which I have not found an answer yet is  "Why did Renu reject my love in school?"  If I think about Renu, I have lot of questions in my head. I am at least happy that she has named her second son "Chriz". That is a sign that she still thinks about me. But her first son's name is Rajesh and I have no clue who Rajesh is.

Do you guys know who is the chithappa of TamilNadu? To know that one has to first know why the Appa is? Believe me guys! This is not a political satire post.

Coming back to Gandhi, the father of the Nation's death is still marred by controversies. Godse admitted of shooting him twice, the Government said 3, where as the media announced that he was shot 4 times; but a post mortem was never done on the father of Dineshan. Right from his death, to the recent one of Jayalalitha, lot of questions still remain unanswered. History books will be written, rewritten and all of us will be holding on to an opinion they think is right.

And one person will suddenly ask the question "Ennadhu Gandhi sethutaaraa?" (Has Gandhi Died?)


Sunday, January 29, 2017

848. Are we singing the National anthem wrong?

Rabindranath Tagore composed our National anthem. When ever I look at a picture of him, I would always think to myself "How on earth would he have eaten food?" Just look at the above picture. Imagine him eating noodles. Along with the noodle strands, he would have accidentally eaten some of his beard hair too. Let me come to the topic. Click this video below to listen to the original tune of the National anthem.

Rabindranath Tagore is singing the National Anthem in the video. The original lyricist and the composer has sung it differently. Now I am having serious doubts, if we are singing the right tune all these years. What if the National anthem had a completely different tune? Who knows?

What if the song had a naaku mooka tone to it?

Koluthi potaachu. Namma ini kelambalaam

- Chronicwriter

Saturday, January 28, 2017

847. Throwback year in sports

If you are in your early thirties and mid twenties, this year (2017) would have already taken you to your teenage days through the world of sports. Dhoni and Yuvraj scored hundreds each in a single match by showcasing their free-flow hitting prowess and took us all back down memory lane. They made us believe that if you are raring to go, you can achieve anything irrespective of your age.

Leander Paes is still going strong. He lost in the first round of Australian open and lost the mixed doubles match playing along side Martina Hingis. But this old horse still has one more grand slam title left in him. He has done it all in tennis ever since he started playing with Ramesh Krishnan.

The Williams sister are in the finals of the Australian open too. They have sent a strong signal to Kerber and Radwanska by telling them to make way for them to have a center court showdown. With power hitting, the Williams sisters have redefined the women's game.

The Bryan brothers are in the finals too. They will go past the Woodies and become the greatest ever doubles team in the world if they win the finals. The chest bumping celebratory style is something they have made their own. Paes and Bhupathy would have given them a tough competition; but ego came in between them.

Finally, Rafa and FedExpress. When the world started thinking that their days are over and it is time for Djokovic and Andy Murray to replace them, these two have again come back from no where. When the kings of tennis appear, all others have to give way to them.

Nadal has always had an edge over Federer in clay and hardcourts; Federer had an edge over Nadal in grass in the beginning of their rivalry. I have always rooted for Federer. But this time, I don't care who emerges out as the winner; I just want an epic five setter.

If you are thinking that it is time to hang your boots, I would request you to give one more try. May be this is your comeback year. 


Friday, January 27, 2017

846. Anyone can commit suicide

Those who know the man in the picture would know him for the angelic voice he possessed.

His name is Anthony Riley. He was a participant at the Voice in 2015.

Voice is a singing competition where the singer has to audition in front of the four judges. The first round is the blind auditions round in which the singer will have to sing, while the judges will have their backs towards them. If the singer, impresses any of the judges, the judges will turn their chairs. If more than one judge turns their chair, the singer gets to choose the judge to mentor them in their singing journey.

Many music reality shows around the globe have tried to copy the Voice model. Anthony Riley created a magical impression when he auditioned at the voice. He made all the 4 judges to turn their chairs within seconds. Every judge wanted him to be in their team. Such was his voice. Check his audition here

He might have gone on to become the biggest ever musical sensation of our times. But he died half way through the competition. Apparently he committed suicide. He was addicted to drugs. He died of drug over dose. Why would a person do such a thing especially at a time when the whole world was magnetized to his music and moves? Suicide can happen to anyone even when they are in the pinnacle of their lives. 

We might think that the person is happy based on who he or she is externally. But they may be all alone inside. We might know some Anthony Rileys in our lives. Many are destined to become big. But they might be even contemplating to end their lives. If you ever come across someone who is dejected in life, don't ignore. Lend your shoulders to them and help them come out of the situation. Cheer them up. 

I am running this blog all these years for this one sole purpose - that is to put a smile on people's faces. It gives me a great sense of happiness to know that people smile even if the blog has poorest of poor jokes. Just go ahead and make someone smile today. I am gonna listen to some of Anthony's songs today. He might have gone; but that voice lives for ever.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

845. Inspiration is all around us

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine. I selected all these pictures from the internet. 

The Donald Trump jokes are spreading like wild fire these days.Personally I like him better than Hillary Clinton for various reasons. I am not going to debate or write about it here because this post is about something else. Jokes about his hair style is making its rounds around the globe. There are speculations that he got the idea of having such an hairstyle while eating popcorn. Let us see various other places from which inspires people to don various hair styles and fashion statements.

Who would have thought that the bar code reader would inspire people? If you are about to become bald, this hair style might better suit you.

A pudding/ cake can be your next hairstyle, if you are not worried about turning on a porcupine.

If you have thick hair and if you want to flaunt it's strength, the chocolate farm hairdo is the perfect style for it.

The Nike mustache is only applicable for those who have a great mustache and a beard. Boys can ignore this style and move on to the next style.

If you want to join the debate "What came first? The egg or the chicken", you can try this hair style; because until you become one of them, you might never be able to find the answer.

When an emoticon can inspire you, what else do you need in life?

Burnt Maggi / Pathanjali noodles can also teach us a lesson or two in life.

Are you an ice age fan? Why not try this?

If you can't hold the bladder while having an hair cut and if you have to rush home to pee, this is the perfect hair cut for you.

The perfect hairstyle for the tech-next generation is the WiFi hairstyle. Be sure that the signal stays strong. 

Coming back to Trump, finally we have found where Trump got his hair from. 

I am adding this picture to make the pseudo feminists to have a go at me. Yes! according to you, I just attacked girls. So you can start calling me a chauvinist pig

The below picture says it all.

If your girlfriend is trying to put you in the friend-zone location, all you have to do is take the extra effort to gain her attention again.

Finally, this picture is making the rounds all over Facebook and Instagram.

I have to  put the trash in the garbage tank. Adios


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

844. Monkey see monkey do

Children copy their parents in their actions. When you see a child in a public place, one can easily identify what happens in their house. The first few years in a child's life is the formative stage in their life and it is the duty of the parents to foster and strengthen the character of a child.

Emotional responses like anger, happiness, love are aped by children from their parents. If a child is a happy child in all situation, most probably it is a reflection of a peaceful home. But if the child gets intimidated at the slightest of provocations and if the child behaves weirdly at normal situations, chances are the the parents are the culprits

Children learn ethical and moral values from their parents too. If the father is a compulsive liar, the child will start lying at an young age. When the mother hides simple stuffs from the father, the child will think it is natural to hide things from them.

Many a time, in a public setting when the children lie or behave badly, the parents would feel awkward and would try to control the child; but the problem may not be with the child. In many cases it lies with the parents. The parents have the utmost duty to impart the right attitude in their children.

I have that duty and you have it too; if we have to bring out the best in our next generation. Let us be responsible in imputing these characters in our children. As the saying goes" Let us be the change that we aspire to see in others".

Note: I know that this is a preachy post; but I felt it is needed for myself and others around me


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

843. Just KIDding

When I was a kid, I was a brat; then I became an adult, yet I remain a brat. The only place where I am calm is my workplace. I don't know why I become calm at work.

When I was a kid I used to climb doors, windows, trees and rooftops. My friends would call me a monkey for all the riots I was responsible for.

Last night I watched the movie 101 Dalmatians along with my daughter. She loved the movie and she is now asking me to buy her 101 Dalmation dogs as pets. I first watched the movie 21 years ago. Last night, when I was watching the movie, I was transported back 21 years when I watched the movie with my sister in our drawing room in my hometown. I was eating Mango with chilly powder that day.

How many of you like Mangoes? I love them. We had two huge mango trees in our house. We still have them. When I was a kid, I never used to pluck mangoes from our trees. I would always pluck them from the neighbor's backyard.

Entering the neighbor's compound, and climbing the tree without waking up Tiger was always a challenge that I loved. Tiger was the name of the neighbor's small Pomeranian Bitch* (Female for dog). The bitch used to look like a Rabbit and I don't have a clue why they name her Tiger. 

* I had to clarify the meaning of the word bitch, because these days anything and everything becomes a controversial topic to debate in social media. They would totally forget my childhood stealing act and would concentrate on the word bitch and conduct debates on it.

Most facebook debates have no direction. They literally end up in moothira sandhu. The other day, there was a dicussion on Jallikattu where one guy was talking for it and a girl was talking against it. Soon it became a boy vs girl issue; which then escalated to caste, politics and also took a turn towards Donald Trump and finally ended in Harry Potter books. 

Most of our career decisions are also like this. This post is a classic example of what I stated in the above three paragraphs. Look at how I started it and where it has ended now. I am not saying that we are all marching towards moothira sandhu; but vandhuchuna poyidhaaney aaganum.


Monday, January 23, 2017

842. When your child cares for you

Daughters are God's gift for fathers. They help their fathers and take care of them. Sons also take care of their parents. But this post is about my daughter Anya. 

She never hurts anyone. She sees to that she helps everyone around her. You might have seen my video about her applying make up and giving me a massage. 

This video captures her massaging my legs after a tiring day. She is small; but as Shakespeare says "She is fierce in being the first one to help when there is a need".

Sunday, January 22, 2017

841. Lessons from Marina protest against Jallikattu ban

Watch this one minute video to know what exactly happens in Marina

I was a part of the historical protest too. What I learnt from this protest

  1.  Every one was a leader. People were delegating jobs and taking up work on their own.
  2. We witnessed great discipline even in that maddening crowd. The opening scene in the video is shot at Triplicane railway station towards Marina. We were chanting slogans from Velacherry train station itself. The moment we got down in Triplicane station, slogans like "Chinnamma chinnamma, OPS enga amma" were chanted by everyone in unison.
  3. OPS, Sasikala, Modi are hated by everyone around irrespective of caste, creed, religion and political background. There was one common voice form the people against all three. For every slogan against these three, slogans against PETA were also raised. The poster in the video says "Oora suthum Modi, Marina pakkam Vaadi" which in English translates "Tourist man Modi, make a trip to Marina too". TR would have been proud of many slogans.
  4. Vulgar slogans were also chanted about OPS and Sasikala. Big placards with the slogan " Goli ulla soda is goli soda; goli illaadha soda is panneer soda" was a direct dig at the Tamilnadu CM's lack of manliness. Vulgarity could be avoided, but many slogans were really nasty.
  5. Groping incidents and misbehaviour were dealt seriously.When I was there, yesterday three guys who were drunk were behaving unruly. In no time, a group of volunteers came there and pulled them out of the crowd and silently took them away. No arguments, no raising of voices and no unnecessary scenes. I am sure those three drunkards would have been thrashed.
  6. People started cleaning Marina too. All plastic bags and paper cups were removed from the place in no time
  7. Creative theater plays were enacted. High amount of knowledge imputation took place in all these places.
  8. Police were doing an amazing job; for the first time, I felt that Policemen are indeed common man's friend
  9. I witnessed the never say die spirit of Tamil Nadu.
  10. The protest taught us that we do not need a religious movement nor a political party to gather people. 
  11. This also taught us that one need not block roads, cause disruptions to normal life and             fight with cops to protest. 
  12. I also saw that that men can respect women ( I hope men continue to be like this even after the protest is over and stop becoming animals again) 
  13. It has set an example to the entire world on how a protest has to be conducted. Markandey Katju has come up with a wonderful suggestion because of this protest


Saturday, January 21, 2017

840. Why I am scared of English movies even now

English movies have the ability to surprise us. The first movie I watched in a video CD was the movie Titanic. The Titanic movie got released in November 1997. I was in class 11 at that time. I did not watch it in theaters. My friend got me a Titanic movie CD in Jan 1998. 

I got the CD home and started watching it in the drawing room. My parents and grand parents were in the bed room talking about their golden days. I was engrossed in the movie. I had already fallen in love with Kate Winslet because of her lively nature in that movie.

I did not have the slightest of doubts that Kate was kinky she points to a pendant says "I want you to draw a picture of me, wearing this.... Only this". May be I was innocent or may be I was not ready to even imagine what was coming. 

And in no time she had freed herself from her robes and Leo got into the painting act. I was not expecting that at all. For a boy who was really innocent till that point ( Yes! I was 16, but I was indeed innocent for that age), it came as a shocker.

Suddenly I heard my grand mother screaming "Chriz! What are you watching" and when I looked up, my parents and grand parents were staring at me in anger. They were thinking that I was watching porn. 

The TV was switched off, the CD was taken out and broken to pieces and I was banned from watching TV till I finished my 11th grade. I still remember this as if it happened just yesterday. No wonder I am still scar(r)ed of English movies; not because of the steamy scenes, but I never know what it has in store for me


Friday, January 20, 2017

839. Raitha is like Surya to Deva

In the movie thalapathy, Surya (Rajni) was the right hand of Deva (Mammooty). Mammooty derived his strength because of Surya's presence in his team.

In the case of Biriyani, raitha plays a similar role (the image talks about mirchi ka salan). I have seen some people who do not eat Raitha because they are allergic to curd and onion. But those who have tasted Biriyani with raitha would know that it increases the taste of biriyani multi-fold.

I hate it when someone takes Raitha from my plate. I would even part with kuska from my plate; but when someone takes raitha, I would even bite their hands.

Back in college we had a friend Ravi who would steal side dishes from others' plates. He would also do gross stuff on his plate. As soon as he flicks raitha from our plates and transports them to his plate, he would immediately spit on his plate. This would stop anyone from retrieving their side dishes form his plate. This was going on for a long time.  Finally we decided to put an end to his plans. One day when he did his usual flick-spit trick, we all ganged up together and spat together in his plate. It was a mass phlegm movement. He did not expect that at all. He stopped taking raitha from our plate that day.

Why did I post this? If you ever try to flick raitha from my plate, you should be ready to face the phlegm attack from me.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

838. Why did he ask me that kostin?

I have joined quora with hopes of answering some brilliant questions. At the moment, I am answering questions revolving around sports.

Follow me on quora by clicking this : https://www.quora.com/profile/Prason-Christopher-Robin

I have decided not to answer any relationship questions after I saw an 18 year old Quora user attempting to answer questions on topics on bringing up children, divorce. 

Every morning, when I wake up to blog, I would have a few questions in my Quora mailbox to be answered. Today when I opened my Quora inbox, I got this message

How on earth do they come up with such questions? Even the guy who asked viva questions for my Engineering project did not ask such questions to me.

Kohli has a girlfriend and Sunny Leone is married. But how would I know if Kohli has the hots for her? To make the matter worse, the guy who asked the question has a profile name "Sucker". 

Hey Sucker! Why da? Why do you do this to me?


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

837. The secret behind hair clips

This is what my daughter and I do all the time. She is the act and I am the director. 

My wife would be telling us to stop this. But we ignore her all the time. 

In this video my daughter explains how to use hair clips effectively. She used a total of 25 clips on her hair in this video.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

836. The curious case of Laplace theorem

Laplace theorem is a term that gives any Engineering student nightmares. For some students, the nightmare lasts for 6 months and for many it is a lifelong horror story.

Laplace theorem is one of the three major stumbling blocks for engineering students not completing their degrees. The other two are
1) Fourier tranforms
2) Digital Signal Processing

But before an engineering student encounters these three stumbling blocks, he or she has to first cross the first level (i,e.) Basic Engineering Mathematics.

I have never understood Laplace theorem at all. For those who have no clue on what I am talking about, please take a look at this picture below

Did you understand anything? Neither did we. When we encountered this in our third semester, we could not make heads or tails out of it. The equation looked like a triangle/pyramid followed by the letter "y". One thing was clear for all of us who tried to mug this equation. We all knew that we would get "0" marks in our exams because the equation itself denoted that to us. If that was not enough to knock us down, we were asked to learn the following equations too.

When all these equations were introduced to us, we had already become numb to pain and all sorts of mental trauma as we were already walking in the campus like dead bodies. Imagine sitting in a class without understanding anything. 

During exam time,we would write these equations in a small chit and take it inside the exam hall with hopes of using it to write answers. But we had no clue on where to apply these formulas. To make matters worse, the exam question paper would look like this,
You can't write stories as answers for these questions. All we could do was, stare at the question paper, look around, cry and leave the exam hall like a guy kicked between his legs. 

A shocking thing happened in my life. In my third semester Laplace university exam, I ended up getting 99 out of 100. When many classmates had failed in that exam, all of them were shocked at my marks. Some even asked me how I lost that one mark; but my head was ( and is still) occupied with the question "How the hell did I get the remaining 99 marks?".


Monday, January 16, 2017

835. Trolling like a boss

I love men and women who can troll a person without personally taking a dig at them. Recently Jallikattu supporters started attacking actress Trisha and Virat Kohli personally for their association with PETA. People started attacking Trisha's character and some guys attacked Anushka Sharma thinking that the best way to hurt Kohli is by attacking his girl. Trisha had to end up closing her Twitter account.

I am a supporter of Jallikattu; but I felt that attacking a person on their character when they had not gone one on one on an ad-hominem approach was unnecessary. 

I recently came across these two Twitter responses by common men against famous personalities. They made me laugh out loud. They could have taken a dig at these two personalities easily and attacked them personally; yet these guys trolled them big time without hurting them at all. To me, that is the best way to use sarcasm.

1) Vijay Mallya trolled

When Vijay Mallya wished Tamilians across the globe with a Pongal wish, a Twitter user replied to him stating that Kingfisher beers have gone down in quality after his disappearance from India. That was indeed a genius way to troll someone.

2) Treating Subramanian Swamy like a child

Vadivelu comedy dialogues come in handy in all situations. The dialogue used by Parthiban against Vadivelu in a movie came in as the right response to a statement made by Subramanian Swamy.

Amidst all the Jallikattu posts, I found this to be a great one. Jokes like this can make anyone smile. PETA does not even deserve our hatred. PETA should be treated like a comedy piece and should be shown the door.

- Chronicwriter

Sunday, January 15, 2017

834. When you have to fake that you have a boyfriend

It has become a fashion these days to claim that one has a boyfriend even when there is none. When I was 13, I was trying to find cheat codes to clear levels in Prince of Persia computer game; but today 13 year old girls are attempting suicides because of not having a boyfriend.

20 years ago, a teenage girl would be scared to say that  she has a boyfriend; but today it has become a fashion statement for young teenagers to claim that they have a bae. When ever someone uses the term "bae", I could only imagine a goat mooing.

At times girls or boys take this extreme measure (see picture) to claim that they have a boyfriend. What amuses me is that to be accepted in their circle of friends, they go to this extent to create an artificial image for themselves.

I know a friend Sheela (Name changed) who created a fake ID on Facebook with a Handsome guy's profile picture and started addressing him as her boyfriend. That fake ID will show extreme levels of PDA on FB for Sheela and Sheela would be blushing in public. She was doing all this, thinking that her girlfriends would get jealous of her for having a handsome boyfriend. But she was caught soon when she started flirting with a real handsome guy from her fake ID instead of her original ID.

When people can fake an entire relationship and still get away with it, I don't mind these people faking to create an impression that they are in one.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

833. Kissing without permission

I was at this wedding of my friend when an old granny walks up to me,hugs me and kisses my cheeks and says "You look the same when I saw you as a child". As I did not who she was, I asked her if she could tell me how she knew me. 

She replied that she was my mother's English teacher in school in Trichy. I told that my mom did her schooling in Ooty and not in Trichy for which she responded with " Are not you Mohana's son? Are not you Sneha's fiance who just returned from UK?"

I told her that I was already married and that she has got the wrong guy. Immediately she frowned at me, gave a yew expression, wiped her lips and left without even asking a sorry for kissing the wrong guy.

There was this guy in Delhi who randomly started kissing girls and called it a prank. He was arrested yesterday. Should I also file a complaint against this old lady for kissing me? But I don't have a video proof. I infact felt like a Rakhi Sawant being kissed by Mika.

BTW, does anyone know who that Sneha is?


Friday, January 13, 2017

832. Traditional wear for festival days in office

Corporate companies around the country have an unwritten rule in celebrating native festivals. A mail from the HR would hit our mail boxes asking us to come to work in "Traditional attire". Traditional attire literally translates to Veshti + Shirt for men and Saree + Designer blouses for women.

For men, this gives an opportunity to see their female colleagues in Saree; but women do not have the same happiness because they end up seeing the veshtis falling down more often.

Yesterday, we had our Pongal celebrations at my workplace. As always, we were asked to be in traditional wear. I wore my Pink Jingli Shirt and Pattu veshti. To give the authentic Tamil touch, I wore pattaapatti underaayar inside. I am not gonna post a picture of me revealing my pattaapatti underaayar because I don't want to lose a few more followers for this blog.

A women colleague came to me and asked " Why are you in pink? Is not that a lady's color?" I did not know what to answer her. I never knew that pink has become a private property for the ladies. So I went close to her and whispered in her ears "What makes you think that I may not be a girl?" in Tamanna's voice. She took four steps back, gave me a dirty look and walked away.

This picture exactly depicts my current state of mind. There is a dustbin in the corner of the picture. One side of me has light and one half of me is in darkness. Now don't come up with conspiracy theories stating that I belong to Illuminati.

Yes, My Veshti fell too. But who cares. It has already fallen many times in the past. At least I had my pattapatti costume underneath. 13 years ago, I did not have a pattapatti underaayar. I have gone through worse situations and that has made me a soranai illaadha jeevan.

Click here to read my first veshti falling incident (link)

On other news, Party workers have asked me to preside over jallikattu celebrations. When I was in deep thoughts one party worker clicked the below picture. Apart from presiding over the function, I will also participate as an Aam Aadhmi and  chase the bulls.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

831. Someone is typing

How many of you have seen the content within the red oval on Facebook? When ever I see this on FB, I would have the following questions

  • Who would it be?
  • Is that someone gonna attack me?
  • Is that someone gonna praise me?
  • Is that someone about to post an inspirational comment?

And when the wait prolongs, it would become unbearable. If only I knew who it was, I would have gone to his/her home and asked "Why da? Why are you taking time for ever to post one comment? Are you still choosing your words? Please post the comment soon".

There are people who take at least 30 minutes to type a ten word comment. Such people are the ones who teach you the basics of anger management.

Someone said that "patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting". Now don't tell me "Hey Chriz! If you can write a blog post on patience, why not have the same patience while waiting in the ATM queue to draw money". Don't you dare bring the  "Soldiers in the border"dialogue. 

If yous seriously want to learn patience, try booking a ticket for Pongal to your hometown on IRCTC. Okay! That is a tried and tested old stale joke. I agree; but I am running out of jokes and that is why I am force fitting these one liners in this blog post. I am almost done with this post and still "that someone is typing a comment".