Wednesday, November 09, 2016

810. Daddy's little princess

When I carried you for the first time, I cried 
And walked around the hospital with so much pride

Looking at that cute little face that very first day
I promised to never allow any harm come your way

That Oriental face, Michelin arms and tiny feet
Made me smile and my heart would always skip a beat 

As you sleep peacefully every night
I wish to protect you like the dark knight

Many a time I spend too much time on Facebook
And fail to give attention for your longing look

I do not know what you want to be when you grow up
What ever you pursue, I will always back you up

The world is gonna be good and bad to you
But you should know, Daddy is gonna be there for you

Anya, I would like you to know one thing 
You are my little princess and my everything


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  1. U r a gud dad, Bro.... Am glad u r ready to give her the freedom to choose what she wants to be!!!

  2. I needed this today... I din really realise dt I was missing Dad the last few days till I read this n caught myself struggling to swallow. Sometimes it's hard to know what one aches for. It may not be obvious but somehow friends make u understand urself better. Thanks Chris

    1. I remember the day in Hi5 when I got the news Sinja. Hope to see you soon

  3. Why isn't Anya writing anymore ?

  4. In her blog there are no new entries 😡

  5. This is a beautiful post... n someone precious there, to have and to hold. :-*


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