Wednesday, August 03, 2016

800. My wife is a murderer

When I was sleeping in the night, the blanket moved away exposing my leg to mosquitoes and just when a mosquito was about to bite my leg, she comes and kills the mosquito and covers my leg with the blanket. That is my wife who does not allow even a mosquito to hurt me. Yes she is a cold blooded murderer. 

She walks around the house like a tennis player, swatting mosquitoes at will. If there is an Olympic sport for killing mosquitoes, she will easily win a gold medal for team India.

But, though I would like to thank her for protecting me from mosquito bite, I am sad for the mosquito's family. You might know that only female mosquitoes bite human beings. The male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar. 

The female mosquitoes require blood to produce baby mosquitoes. The mosquito that was killed by my wife, might have been pregnant. Her husband might have been waiting for her to come home and he might still be waiting with tears in his eyes. The deceased mosquito's children would be in a state of shock. Their home would have a gloomy atmosphere now. 

If film director Rajamouly had seen this murder, he would have taken a movie "Kosu" which would have given tough competition to his earlier movie "Eega".

Blue cross activists have not started their agitation against this murderous act. They would raise slogans against topics they have no clue on; like  "Jallikattu"; but would keep quiet when a mosquito is killed. Is not that a living creature too? When people can raise slogans like "Black lives matter", " Say no to beef", why not raise slogans to protect and konjufy mosquitoes? 

You might be thinking that I am harsh against my wife here. I might be! But I can't keep quiet when an innocent soul is killed. What mistake did the mosquito do? She just wanted some blood from me to lay eggs. My blood investment would have made her happy. But my wife killed her and this brings great grief to me. I am unable to sleep for the last two days because of this.

As I type this, my friend who sits next to me says that if I publish this post, I would not get dinner tonight at home. I guess it is gonna be my favorite dish "Chilly beef" for dinner. I knowI will have to stay hungry and look foolish tonight for publishing this blog. But I don't care. At least I would have peace for standing up for mosquito rights. I can hear you saying "Indha kosu tholla thaangalabaa"

My wife and I completed 5 years of married life on 1 August 2016. Click this [ link ] to know how I met my wife. 

Click this [ link ] to read how I was attacked at my wedding.

Note: This is my 800th post in this blog. The journey goes on

- Chronicwriter


  1. Many legendary bloggers have stopped blogging by now. The legend of Chronicwriter still lives on. I have been reading your blog from your first blog post and your blog is a stress buster for me. Keep blogging

  2. Awesome post, am sure if you stand for election as President in Mosquito community you will win without any competition bcos ur their Freedom fighter !!!


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