Monday, June 27, 2016

796. My daughter is her class monitor

My daughter ran to me from school with her usual smiling face. Today she was happier than before.

"Appa! I am the class monitor".

"Wow, That's nice. So what do you get to do as a class monitor?"

" I can use the remote control for the TV to switch on the TV to play rhymes in our class"

"That is pretty amazing. Any other privilege you have as a monitor"

" Yes, I can also teach my class mates some actions for rhymes"

"Oh No! Please don't teach them the actions that I taught you at home"

"But Appa! I already taught them some of those actions"

"Did you really teach them?"

"Yes I did. Including the grinder moves and the dikilona dance step"

"But did your class teacher approve of those steps?"

"She asked me to bring you to school tomorrow"

I know that I will be getting some nasty comments from the teacher tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to answer her questions. I seriously have no clue on what other actions my daughter has taught her friends at school.  When I was thinking on my defense tactics while facing her class teacher, my daughter walks up to me again with her smiling face

"Why are you smiling like that Anya?"

"Appa! I will have to give a passot photo tomorrow"

"You mean Passport photo?"

"Yes! Passport photo only. Now don't post this in your blog as if I did a mistake. You make lot of mistakes while typing"

" But why do you need a photo?"

" My class teacher wants to paste my photo in the class chart as the class monitor"

"Let's go to the photo studio"

So we both went to the near by photo studio. She sat on the chair and started to smile again. The photographer told her not to smile as it was a passport photo

"But uncle I have a smiling face and I always smile"

" But baby, for passport photos you are not supposed to smile"

"Who told you that? Am I supposed to show my frowning face? It won't look good"

Nothing could deter her and she posed with her usual smile.. While returning home, she asked me "Appa, Have you ever been a class monitor during your school days?" That question dragged a mosquito coil in front of my face and the coil started to rotate.

- Chronicwriter

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  1. Ha ha ha... Hilarious. Your daughter sounds super cool. Good luck with the teacher :) Let us know how it goes.

    1. She is talkative. How ever some of the lines in the post are my own to give that additional effect :P

  2. Waiting for the coil to stop rotating and begin "enaku apo vayasu oru...irunthurukum"

  3. Class monitor! Wow. She's big. :)


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