Friday, June 24, 2016

795. The 7 Burphy laws

1) Married house wives living in America will eventually become bakers and will have a cookery blog and a Facebook page on baking.

2) IT employees buying a DSLR will immediately become the official photographers of their respective projects. Eventually they will have a page on FB which has their name followed by the word photography. They would like to click pictures like this. But they never get it right without the help of photoshop.

3) There will be a Carnatic singer in school who will always sing Special song and invocation song in all school functions.

4) There will be one Granny in the house who will always see everything with a negative lens. If you stand on one leg, she will tell you that if you stand on one leg, you will end up alone in life. If you shake hands with your left hand, she will say that it is unruly to shake hands with left hand. The reason she gives is that left hands are used to clean the rear end. Does she know that I am ambidextrous?

5) There is always a silent farter in every school/ office/ family gatherings. He or She never gets caught. I am not talented in this department though because I always get caught

6) There will always be that guy who picks a stone and pelts it at a dog

7) Believe me that there will be an aunt in the family who will ask you when you are going to get married. If you are married she will ask when you are gonna have a baby. If you have a baby she will ask when are you gonna have the second baby. Just when I thought I had silenced all those nagging questions from one such aunt in my family, another aunt emerged out of the blue and asked me when I am planning to have a baby. My answer was "Aunty did you just fart?" . I know that was not the answer she was expecting. But that made her to shut her mouth and now she keeps a distance from me. I am very happy

Why did I name these as Burphy laws? Because the name Murphy laws is already taken

- Chronicwriter

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