Thursday, May 26, 2016

792. Between Now and Forever - book cover review

These days every Tom,Beep and Harry who reads a book becomes a book reviewer. After reviewing a book, people end up giving 3 star or 4 star ratings. I have a friend who once gave a 3.65 rating for a book that he reviewed. As soon as I saw the rating I started laughing out loud. How on earth did he arrive at that 0.65? Verithanamaaana professional reviewer; it seems. 

Here I am going to a Book Cover review for a blog friend of mine. Just because she is a blog friend, I am not going to give 5 stars for the review. My daughter always asks me to draw stars in her hand with a sketch pen to encourage her. Sometimes I give her 5 stars and sometimes I end up giving her 3.65 star ratings (Inspired by my friend).

Let me now start reviewing the cover of Meera's book "Between Now and Forever".  My friend Kirthi thinks that BTW is the acronym for Between. Once when I told her that BTW stands for "By The Way" and it has nothing to do with Between, she blocked me on Facebook.  How ever she started checking my FB page from her husband's profile and made sure to point out typos and grammatical errors in my FB posts. So I blocked him on FB and started watching both their FB activities from my wife's FB ID. My wife noticed this and blocked both of them. 

The title font in the cover reminded me of Captain Vijaykanth in ukkira kobam when he faces Bagisdhan dheeviravaadhigal. Meera has strategically used that font to bring captain in front of our eyes. Check Captain's eyebrows and the word NOW. Meera has left a subliminally coded message in that word NOW. If the letter N is captain's right eyebrow; W - his left eyebrow, then the letter"O" is Captain's Netrikann.

Now let us move to the next part of the cover - the kissing couple. I was shocked to see that picture, not because they were kissing in the middle of the road; but because of their lack of responsibility towards life.

Why are they standing in the middle of the road to kiss? What will happen to them if a car or a truck hits them. They could have stood in the side of the road to kiss. This is where I started to read the short blurb in the back cover. "The Hero was responsible for the death of his pregnant girlfriend". He had already killed one girl and was he trying to kill the other girl too? That may be a reason for him kissing her in the middle of the road. The kissing scene probably takes place in Darjeeling where the hero is trying to do kasamusa with his second girlfriend. But in that case, the girl should have at least worn a full pant. Her legs are bare and she would be freezing. I am sure that this hero is such a sadist. I already hate him for torturing the girl like this.

Another important thing that I noticed from the picture was the unusual leg position of the heroine. Why was she raising her left leg while kissing? My pet dog Bubbly used to lift his left legs to pee. But I don't think the heroine is controlling her bladder here. May be Meera has hidden the crux of the story here. When I read the book I will expound that secret.

While looking at this picture, I could not control my tears. It reminded me of my Darjeeling girlfriend. I have already written about her here [link]. This is my analysis of the book based only on the front cover. I have lots to say about the back cover too; but as the author is an English teacher, I will stop here. 

I will read this book and write a detailed review in my FB page. Till then you can all stay peacefully. BTW, can you guys please rate my review?



  1. Atrocity review :)

  2. you get exactly 3.78 stars. and the Tom, Beep and Harry made my day. Thanks.


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