Tuesday, May 10, 2016

788. Get a 6 pack body in 6 weeks

For those who have traveled with me in my bodybuilding journey, would know the struggles and hardships I have gone through in chiseling every single muscle in my body.

Six packs has become a must have for every man these days. Girls have added this requirement as a prerequisite when they hunt for a guy.

Guy's who have a pout and who are couch potatoes would have developed unwanted masses in unwanted places in their body. For all such souls, this post will be of great help.

I have struggled hard to get 6 packs for the last 6 years. But over the years, I have learnt one thing - the art of getting a six pack in the best possible way.

Here I present to you a simple and effective way that you can follow to get a 6 pack in 6 weeks. You don't have to lift weights or alter your diet big time. All you have to do is alter your daily routine a little bit and believe me; in just 6 weeks, you will have a great body.

Water intake: Every human being should have 8 hours sleep in a day. So a human being will be awake for 16 hours in a day. If a man drinks, one glass of water (250 ml) every one hour he is awake, then he would have consumed 250 ml X 16 = 4 liters of water in a day. This helps the body to have the right fluids in the body at regular intervals. The chances of dehydration becomes zero. Do this for 6 continuous weeks

Sleep time: Sleep for 8 hours a day. Make sure that you get enough sleep everyday

Exercise: Do abs exercises everyday (Morning - 15 minutes and evening 15 minutes). This would do.

Lead a normal life. If you follow the above three, your daily routine will change drastically. You will not spend unwanted time on many things that zap in your time and energy. In 6 weeks, you will have 6 packs.

If you do not get 6 packs in 6 weeks; try again for another 6 weeks. Even if you do not get 6 packs, you would have an amazing routine in your day to day life. If you insist on getting a 6 pack body, you can always use Photoshop. If you find it difficult, I can help you. But it does come with a price

- Chronicwriter

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