Wednesday, April 27, 2016

787. Be like Virutchagakanth

This post will be understood only by Tamil movie lovers who have watched the movie Kaadhal.

Meet Mr Virutchagakanth.

He has the sleekness of Thala Ajith, charisma of Rajni and versatility of Kamalhassan

He does not own a mobile phone. He only has a PP number. His is the epitome of simplicity. He believes in the coupling effect of astrology and astronomy as his name Virutchagam is  based on astronomical science. He has clarity on what he wants to become in life. He aims for the top. He aspires and respires to succeed. He does not go behind petty pleasures in life. He is goal oriented.

He respects his mentors; he does not allow his talents to give him headweight. He is grounded.


- Chronicwriter

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