Tuesday, April 19, 2016

786. Thooki adichuduvein paathukko - A cricketer in the making

Being in the IT world, I sit in front of the lap top all through the day. The occasional tea, lunch and loo breaks are the only means by which I move my butt out of the seat. If you happen to see the chair in office, it will have my butt impression. Last week I got a call from a colleague of mine from another cabin.

"Hi Chriz! Do you play cricket?"

"Yes! Roland. I have played cricket in college. But now it has been a long time"

" It's the same case with all of us. Join our team. You will be in the playing XI of the marketing team"

" Oh well! I can run fast and I used to be a leg break bowler back in college. But that was 13 years ago"

"That's not a problem. You are the fastest runner in our team. So you never know"

After he disconnected the call, I saw the mail. The team member list was sent to me. We would be representing our team in the inter corporate cricket tournament. I was given the one down position in batting and the number one spin bowling option for the team. 

Yes! I can still run fast and I am brisk. But it has been a decade since I properly held a cricket bat. I had not played street cricket too in the last ten years. Then suddenly a thought hit me; " Am I selected as a ball boy to collect all the strayed balls?" 

Here we are, a bunch of people in their mid thirties still thinking as though we could play cricket like some teenagers. But then we looked at Pravin Tambe, Brad Hogg and thought to ourselves, "If they could, why not us?"

Preparation for the cricket matches

They say, that practice makes perfect. My team mates were not willing to practice. But I did not want to be like them. I wanted to inject cricketing blood back into my veins to draw inspiration.

So I switched ON the TV, to watch Natchathira circket played by cine stars. There were no one to watch the match from the stands. I watched the match and got batting tips from Surya and bowling tips from his brother Karthi.

Surya's batting skills reminded me of the great Sir Viv Richards. He was given a glorious entry into the cricketing field. His smile after a golden duck was a reflection of his cool nature. If Virat Kohli had got out the very first ball, he would have used MC and BC cuss words. But Surya taught me how to take everything in a sportive manner. Watch this video to see Surya's amazing batting skills

After watching the video, I called some of the girls I know and asked them if they could also dance like this when I make an entrance into the cricketing field. All of them turned down this golden opportunity. If you want to grab this opportunity, just comment in the comments section with a Yes.

After honing my batting skills, I wanted to get some tips on spin bowling. So I watched some videos of Anil Kumble. That's when I realised that Anil Kumble was actually a medium pace bowler. So I tried to learn the art of spin bowling by watching natchathira cricket. To my luck, actor Karthi took the ball and started to bowl. Each and every ball that he bowled spun a mile. The batsmen could not even touch the ball. I have never seen such a spinner in my entire life. If BCCI had seen his performance, he would have been immediately selected for the Indian cricket team. Watch this video

Have you seen such a bowling performance in your life? Now with my fielding and bowling skills polished, I am looking forward for the match.

I have given an idea to my team mates that we will be using theme music when each batsmen make their entry into the ground to bat (just like the WWE theme song for the wrestlers).

The theme audio they have selected for me is "Thooki adichuduvein paathukko". I will be uploading photos and videos of the match soon.

To read my college cricket playing days experience, click here [ link ]

- Chronicwriter

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  1. There is something simple about the way you write. It makes me smile all the time. I always think how can you do this with simple words. There is humour flowing everywhere around you. keep writing


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