When ISRO had their successful Mars Mission in 2014, I came up with a brilliant art form called "Mars Attack" in my world famous art blog. Click this [link] to see the world famous artwork that was sold for USD 420,000.

People around the globe wanted to know how I came up with such a brilliant art. I kept it as a secret. But I can't keep this as a secret. For the friends with benefit of the readers, I am going to reveal the step by step process of creating this art.

Step 1: Open MS Paint and draw three lines as shown in the picture below. The smallest line should have a curve that resembles Tamanna's iduppu.

Step 2: Now put an inverted cone icecream (sans the icecream, because ice urugidum) on top of this dappa that you drew in step 1.  Add cones in two colors. One sumaal cone and Big cone.

Step 3: Now patha vachufy some neruppu in Tamanna's iduppu to give the aduppu effect. The rocket is ready to be launched

Step 4: Now you have to give the destination clearly. So use paintbrush and draw the word "Mars". The destination is very important

Step 5: Give the Zrrrrr effect for the rocket to be propelled out into space.

The Zrrrrrr effect is mandatory for escape velocity. This is 10th standard physics subject unearthed from my varalaaru.

The art work is ready. You can send me emails and females to prason@chronicwriter.com as a note of thanks for this tutorial.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai! (Idhu sollalanaa ulla thooki pottuduvaanga)

Additional edited Note: Meera Shiva asked me how Tamanna's iduppu could be related to this post. For the benefit of readers who have such a doubt, I am attaching Tamanna's iduppu picture 

- Chronicwriter