Friday, March 04, 2016

781. Magic Potion of an Influencer

One of the advantages of being a public speaker is that you get lot of opportunities to talk to an audience. Any advantage comes with a pack of challenges too. The challenges that I face while speaking are

1) Talking to a special target audience about whom you have no clue of
2) When the crowd has a doubt whether I am the actual speaker when they see my small stature (Till I open my mouth)
3) When I have to control my sarcasm and speak with a serious face

Recently I was invited to Inspire a group of Doctors from Indira Gandhi Dental College in Pondicherry. At first  I was shocked because I have not handled a session for Doctors in my entire life. I usually handle sessions for MBA colleges, Engineering colleges and IT professionals. I still wanted to take the challenge and test those waters. The topic I suggested was "Magic Potion of an Influencer".

Being an engineer with an MBA degree and doing a job that has nothing to do with my engineering degree nor my MBA (full time writer) has taught me to take up unexplored territories and this talk was the first of its kind. Thanks to my brother John Joshua who captured pictures from this talk, I am able to blog about this.

I have added 16 pictures from the talk in this post.  These 16 pictures will explain this blog post

1) The talk was scheduled on 20th February 2016 in Pondicherry.  I finally opened up my laptop on 19th February night and started working on the PPT. Preparing that PPT that night took me back to my college days and reminded me of the night before the exams

2) This photo was taken in the HOD - Dr. Manohar's cabin as soon as I landed in their college on 20th morning. I started at 5 am from Chennai and after the 3 hour drive, I was almost dozing off.

3) That is Dr. Manohar who was kind enough to invite a crazy guy like me to speak to doctors in the college.

4) When I went to the podium, I also realized that most of the students were asked to come for the talk amidst their college sports day celebrations. Imagine having a talk on a Saturday morning and that too when you have your sports day. I knew that I had to put up my best show to keep them active and not end up cursing me.

5) A portion of the audience at the beginning of the talk. They were awake. I spoke on four points " Leadership traits, technology for doctors, Team fit and Work-Life balance".

6) 15 minutes into the talk, they were still awake. I was speaking about the technology apps that doctors could use

7) 30 minutes into the talk and they have not slept yet. This was half way through my talk and all this while I was talking in a very serious tone. My alter ego was playing within me and was forcing me to turn this into a standup comedy stage; but I kept my serious tone intact.

8) Just when I realized that they needed some action, some of the doctors were pulled up to play a game on "team fit". I guess they had fun.

9) Standing behind the podium for a long time might have made the audience to think that my building is strong but basement could be weak. To prove them wrong, I came forward

10) But when my legs started shivering, I went back and hid behind the podium. This is where I introduced and talked about my friend "Bragadeesh Prasanna". He has become a part of my powerpoint slides in all my talks these days

11) Finally I concluded with a song. I was contemplating whether I should invite some doctors and do salsa with them or just sing a song for them. I chose the latter to leave them with a smile

12) This was from one of the walk around sessions during the talk, when the students were asked to give details about Sunny Leone. None of them knew who she was

13) After the talk was over, I also happened to meet Dr. Sai- the surgeon from Pondicherry along with my brothers Ezra and John. Ezra and John accompanied me to Pondcherry. Dr. Sai is a witty person

14) Talking about world peace with Dr, Sai. We formulated strategies to spread world peace. It was a violent strategy which will be implemented soon after consultation with our Sanga Thalaivi - Rose

15) A picture of Ezra and John when we stopped on the road side on our way back to Chennai to drink Nongu

16) Finally parked my bum on the road to feel the heat. It was hot and the hot road left his tar on my pants.

Did I influence the college students? You should ask them because I seriously have no clue.

If you seriously want me to book for a talk in your college, just shoot a mail to Weekends vettiyaadhaan irukkurein. Juice vaangi kodutheengana podhum


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