Sunday, December 06, 2015

768. Entrepreneurial tips from Minu Marie Mathew

Minu is the founder, owner and CEO of ART-ery. She has succeeded in taking the entrepreneurial plunge. There are thousands of souls who have the thirst to become entrepreneurs; but with a fear of taking the first step forward.

This post might be an inspiration for those who decide to follow their passion. I had a one on one chat time with Minu to understand her thought process for ART-ery. When I started having the one on one conversation with Minu, I had the option of donning the KRK mask/ Arnab mask and ask questions. Finally I settled for my own mask.

1) Why did you start ART-ery in the first place?

I wanted to do something on my own. I wanted the brand message to be clear. We do not do sizes. It should be "One size fits all" . Hence zeroed down on Fashion Accessories. Something before I turned 30 was also a secret motive

Mindvoice : Ahhh! She is not yet 30 ;)

2) As in Minu - How did u land up here in the first place?

I studied fashion for 5 years and worked in Various companies for 6 years.I felt restrictive working for someone. Here I could take a leap is what I felt

3) Growth plans?
I am a nomadic person. Never wanted to be in a store pinned to one place. So I would see myself only being places online.But expansion would be increasing categories. Home Decor is on my mind.I would like to create a Home decor line for ART-ery

3) Investment pattern ( I know this is a private question.)

Set up cost was close to Nil. I function out of a small studio in Trivandrum Just reworked to accommodate inventory, a small work station with a Laptop and good Internet was basically all my investment.Plus 70% of my investments are in Inventory and rest in Marketing as I do a lot of exhibitions

4) What has been your most memorable sale?

Memorable Sale is when celebrities buy something or else when kids cry outside your stall saying they want to buy it

 5) Which marketing channel best works for ART-ery ( so far) ?

Surprisingly Facebook. Spreads like wildfire [link]

6) Have you encountered any negative feedback on social media for ART-ery?

So far NO. Touch wood. Customer care has been taken care of as priority number one. I worked in Luxury Retail where we are trained to handle that very well

7) What was the first product you sold? Tell me about the experience!

My grandmother was the first one to buy. It was a headband and a scarf.

8) What was the product for which lot of time and energy was spent on?

Handcrafted range as always. They are necklaces. also best performing so no complaints. I source most of my collection from Wholesalers. I am more of a curator. It is handpicked in India and Internationally (most of it). We also get imported beads and other raw materials those are made in house by my mother. She is technically the master mind behind ART-ery's signature handcrafted range

9) Any movie star who has worn ARTery products?

Parvathy Menon. Check that ring :)

 10) Greatest lesson learnt in this ART-ery journey so far?

There are no timings when it is your own business. The more you do the more you get. One excuse I give;it reflects in my sale. Have to be at it all the time.. Helps me be more creative looking at new avenues to expand and be different. Hard work pays! This is the greatest lesson I have learnt.

- Chronicwriter

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