Tuesday, September 29, 2015

759. Stay silly! Stay smart!!

I met this girl Sharanya a week ago. She was my classmate in school. While having coffee, she told that she runs a startup and she employs 50 people. I was astonished to hear that. She also told that she graduated from IIM Bangalore and had her own stint in the Wall street. I had my jaw open when she narrated her story.

You might think that getting an MBA from IIM is no big deal anymore because of the fact that some IIM pass outs end up writing books and judging dance shows. But her case is different.

Sharanya was the most irritating and dumbest girl in my class. She would sit in the first row and raise her hand every minute to ask the most silly questions. She did not ask these questions to show off; but she asked them because she really was dumb and she did not know the answers to those questions.

At times, the whole class would groan and frown at her when she puts her hand up to ask one of those silly questions. The class teachers were always patient with her. But she would even irritate some of them by asking the dumbest of dumb doubts.

We studied Chemistry tuition together. She would ask doubts like "Why is Oxygen represented by the letter "O" and why not "OX". There were times when our friends and I have called her up on her home phone and told her that the classes are cancelled, just to make her stay away from tuition.

We would tease her; call her a dumb blond. None of our taunting deterred her. She was the teachers pet because she was always attentive in class and her class participation quotient was always high. She was never bothered to admit that she was dumb and that her questions were silly. But by raising her hand and asking those silly questions, she made sure that she climbed up the stairs in a steady manner; where as all those who stood around her and taunted her never realized the efforts she was putting in to climb the ladder.

Coming back to the present day, she said "Chriz! you know! I never knew that you guys were making fun of me back then. If I had known, may be I would have felt ashamed and would have kept quiet. But I was not ashamed of my weakness and my learning challenges". It was a slap on my face.

Have we sarcastically nipped some one in the bud by putting them down when they tried to come up in life? If we are still doing it, let us stop it. Let us allow people to be silly and smart.



  1. Wow, that last line was highly impact-full. Indeed, un-intentionally we try to pull ppl down...only to realize later - what their true potential is.
    Well said.

  2. Lovely message!

    One often forgets that even a person like Albert Einstein was seen as trouble by his own teachers. Look where he ended up, though - as one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century and arguably as the greatest Physicist who ever lived?!


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