Tuesday, September 08, 2015

753. A minute to death by Ganga Bharani - Book review

If you are planning to read a suspense thriller in a short time, this is the book for you. You can complete this book in 2 hours. That’s the time I took to complete this book. A minute to death is a crime thriller that is written by my good friend Ganga. In the literary world she is called GeeBee. She has already published two books.

When I got the book, I looked at the cover and tried to imagine the story. The cover had a clock. The time on the clock showed 5. The two hands of the clock was represented by two keys and there was blood on the words. The first imagery I had was that it should be a murder mystery which involves a specific time and I also imagined that two keys might play a role in the book.

There I was lying down on my couch reading this book, with my daughter playing with her kitchen set. The story starts at a nominal place. A cop who investigates the suspicious death of a girl. He starts suspecting her friends when his girlfriend who accompanies him to the death spot says it may not be a suicide.

The cop starts the investigation and his girlfriend starts using the investigation in her novel. Yes she is a writer. After the first 15 minutes, the reader will join with the cop and his girlfriend and wear the detective hat trying to find who the killer is. I did that. The story was indeed gripping and only in the last chapter, did I connect some clues to find who the culprit is.

Ganga has done a great job in this book. If I have to wear a critical hat to analyse this book, I would have to say that the editing could have been tight. I have seen people giving marks for movies and books. I am not eligible to give ratings for this book. I would say that it is a good read and a great book to read when you travel. 

I like a book if it makes me read it without putting it down. A minute to death did that trick. This can actually be made into a movie. I would like to see some Malayalam movie directors handling this subject as I strongly feel that they are the ones who can handle this plot in the right way at this juncture.

You go girl! Ganga!

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