Tuesday, August 18, 2015

746. She loved someone else

She told that she liked men with mohawk hair style.
I went to the hair dresser and did a mohawk
She told that I looked like a Porcupine.

She told that she loved men who had a deep bass voice
I called her up on the phone and spoke in a deep bass voice
She told that I sound like a constipated Usha Uthup.

She wrote in her diary that she like men who had stubble beard
I grew a stubble beard.
She told me that I looked ugly

She told me that she liked men rolling up their shirt sleeves till their elbows
I did that for her
She said that my hands look like drumstick.

I thought that she loved me. But she was not in love with me. If she had loved me she would have loved me even if I had not done all these things that she liked it men. When a girl loves you, you will know that she loves you. You will not have an iota of doubt on that. You will not have to change yourself to be some body else to make her love you. She will love the real you.

All these have happened in my life and I have been sad too. But now I am happy because now I know that a girl really loves me with all her heart and I am married to that girl for the last 4 years.

- Chronicwriter

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  1. :-) this is sweet. Hope she has read it....


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