Thursday, July 16, 2015

741. Why did Rajamouli pick his nose?

In a shocking incident that happened on Tuesday, Director Rajamouly was caught nonding his mooku (Picking his nose) while talking to our reporter about his movie Baahubali. Though the normal viewer would just ignore this act of Rajamouli, the detective team that works for Chronicwriter Incorporation feels that there is more than meets the eye.

The reason for the doubt

Reason number 1) Why did he mooku nondufy when the mic was in front of him?

Usually people wont pick their noses when they are in front of the camera. They would be very conscious about putting up their best possible pose in the camera. But Mr. Rajamouli broke away from this stereotype and has mooku nondufied while speaking on the mic. 

Rajamouli's mooku nonding act was clicked by Miss Rita who works as a secret agent for Chronicwriter incorporation. Chronicwriter calls her "Revolver Rita". No one in the team calls her like that. This has created doubts in the minds of other co workers that something might be going on between Chronicwriter and Rita. But let us talk about that later. Now let us come to our  topic.

The mooku nonding incident reminded Chronicwriter about his childhood friend Shabir. Shabir also has the habit of picking his nose. The only difference between Shabir and Rajamouli is that Shabir eats what he picks.

The Mooku nonding moment in front of the mic sure raised some eyebrows. The team of detectives led by Chronicwriter posed for a photo with their raised eyebrows. The photo is not posted here for the wellbeing of the readers.

Reason number 2) Why did he use his left hand to mooku nondufy?

Rajamouli is a right hander. But he has used his left hand to pick his nose. The LHLF ( Left Hand Liberation Front) held placards in front of Rajmouli's house and shouted slogans against him for disrespecting his left hand.

Talking to unidentified reporters, the chairman of the LHLF - Miss LOOnam Pandey said that mankind has been abusing the left hand for ages by subjecting it to clean the rear end. She urged everyone not to use their left hand to do menial jobs.  "Why should the right hand have all the fun?", she barked and went and joined the protesters.

Rajamouli's tactical usage of the left hand to pick his nose is the second reason that made eyebrows to go up. This time we did not click any picture.

Reason number 3) Why did he try to hide Prabhas's six pack body?

Another reason that made Miss Rita to break down and cry was Rajamouli's plan to hide Prabha's six pack body. In the above picture, you can clearly see that Rajamouli has tried to stand in front of Prabha's picture. Rita was uncontrollable during the meeting of the detectives too. 

Chronicwriter tried to calm her down by showing her his six packs; but her condition worsened after seeing his six packs. She was given ten packets of glucose. The detective team firmly believes that there is a higher level of conspiracy behind this.

Chotu, who serves tea for the detectives said , "If he was just picking his nose, no one would have doubted. Sometimes even I pick my nose when I serve tea to Chronicwriter's team. But when Rajamouli multitasked by nonding his mooku and hiding Prabhas's body at the same time we realised that it was an unforgivable crime" . Chotu was fuming with anger when he spoke. 

Reason number 4) Lack of eye Contact?

Psychologists say that when a person does not maintain eye contact while talking, he is nervous. Here Rajamouli's lack of maintaining eye contact with the camera reveals that he was indeed nervous while speaking. Terrorists behave like this when they are caught. Could he be a terrorist?

Reason number 5) Is Rajamouli linked with  Lashkar-e-Taiba ?

When doubts started arising that Rajamouli might be a terrorist, the Governance team of Chronicwriter Incorporation convened a Top Secret meeting where they super analysed the picture. They found that Rajamouli was wearing a green shirt. This has led to many to believe that he might be associated with the Pakistan cricket team or even with the terrorist out fit Lakshar e Taiba.

Is he from D Company? 

BaahuBali has 5 vowels. Illuminati also has 5 vowels. 
So Is Rajamouli an Illuminati guy? 

There were lot of other questions that came for discussion. Finally we all got hungry and hence we concluded and labelled Rajamouli as a Mystery Man. Namakku sorudhaan mukkiyam (Food is the top most priority for us).

Anyways, He will be under our scanner.

Jai Ho

- Chronicwriter


  1. You are Crazy... damn crazy... I was LOL and you are such an idiot... you have a fan now

  2. Out of the world humour Chriz. This is the old school Chriz I know.

    1. Hoping that I get that funny bone back ;)

  3. Captain - I still can't figure how I inspired this post!

    But naalu paerku sirippu varadhuna yaen paera use pandradhu thappey illai,

    Namma azhudha yaenna - the world should be filled with smiles alone :)



    Meanwhile, his friend Vijayakanth was also caught in the act of mooku nondifying. CBI believes it is some kind of code, however the meaning is unknown and yet to be investigated.


    1. If you can steal those boogers, I can find the hidden code for you

  5. Ingenious and hilarious (and also yuck, one of the lines!)

    I particularly liked to the reference to a Left-hand Liberation Front, and your focus on how the media go gaga about trivialities these days.

    Good satire, they say, not only evokes laughter but also seeks to reform. Some of your writing fits elegantly in that category.


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