My daughter has joined Kinder Garten. 30 years ago, I joined Junior Kinder Garten too. I fell in love with Renu during the first day of my school life.

Time has flown like a jet plane. I could still remember the first day I joined school. I was crying bitterly. My mom and dad were waiting for me outside my class room when I was screaming like a cat.

Anya did not behave like me. She just went inside her class room and started playing with the toys in the class. She also went on a consoling spree and asked all the toddlers to stop crying.

She has finally entered this big fast competitive world. I personally do not like the academic system that is followed in school these days. But she has no other option but to be a part of it. I hope she gets used to it.

Back then , we wrote in a black slate using a white chalk piece. But today, the kids start with pencil and pen right from the beginning. 

I remember reciting the Tamil alphabet during my kindergarten days. But today's children do not start with Tamil alphabets in kindergarten level. I think I have to teach her Tamil at home.

It is a joy to see my little one getting up early, getting ready to school, wearing a back pack and hopping happily to school. She is all geared up for the big adventure called "EDUCATION". I love to happily share this happy news with my readers.

I will resume my love tryst with Renu in this blog.

Note : Do not ask which school I have put my daughter in. If I had wanted to write about it, I would have written about it here in this blog

- Chronicwriter