When I was a child, my dad would give me a table spoon full of neem powder once in three months. I had to eat the whole spoon. It was a routine for me at the beginning of every term in school. That was how I fought stomach worms as a child.

I would run around the house and the whole family will chase me. My sister usually catches me all the time. Then they would force feed me with that spoon of neem leaf. I would be allowed to drink a spoon of honey so that I could bear that taste.

Back then, every house in the neighborhood would have a neem tree. Sleeping under a neem tree was supposedly good for health. Now with trees being cut every where, the number of neem trees in the neighborhood is decreasing at a faster rate.

When I visit my cousins during the summer holidays, we would all buy neem sticks and chew them. It was our tooth brush when we were little children. The neem stick would not have that bad taste that neem leaves have.

Neem leaves are also used when you get infected with chicken pox. Every one who has had chicken pox would have had neem leaf facial done to them. Every part of the neem tree has some medical benefits or the other.

My grand dad gave me a margo soap once. It smelt like shit. I reverted to my Hamam soap.

My daughter Anya is crazy about neem leaves. She plucks the leaves right from the tree and starts chewing them like chewing gum.

Check this video to see how she eats neem leaves

Note : The portion of leaves that she is plucking from the tree are washed before this video was shot. The hygiene part was taken care of. All the hygiene Nazis can fold their tail and put it back inside their pants.

- Chronicwriter