Thursday, May 28, 2015

727. Maria Irudhayam - An Indian Treasure

Some of these sports personalities about whom I am gonna write in this series, may not have got the media hype that some glamorous sports personalities receive because of their sex appeal.

These sports personalities have been my favorites as I grew up watching them on World of Sport in Doordarshan channel on TV. So here we go.

Maria Irudhayam

We have an old carrom board in our house that was first used by my grand mother when she was a kid. My grand mom is an excellent carrom board player.

She introduced me to this man  "Maria Irudhayam". When ever a carrom match was screened on Doordarshan, my granny and I would sit and watch the match together.

The man in the picture was the best player this game has ever seen. It was always a treat to watch this man pocketing the coins with ease. In the 90s he was the world champion of this sport. He was even awarded the Arjuna Award.

He now lives a very ordinary life, away from limelight. The only video of Maria Irudhayam in action that is available in youtube is embedded here.

This video is shot in a small club where a retired Maria Irudhayam has a jamming session with the board.

If anyone has a better video of Mr Mari Irudhayam in action, please share it with me. We have to see him ruling the board when he was in his prime.

Today some of the finest Carrom board players are found in the slums of Chennai near Tea Shops. One might have seen some scenes that depict the reality in the movie Polladhavan. If only such players are groomed and are made to represent the country, India will once again conquer the world.

I encourage my readers to buy a Carrom board and start playing it with your family and friends. You don't need a great investment for this. We need more Maria Irudhayams. 

Note: More such personalities will be featured in this blog



  1. That is such an awesome initiative and expecting more such gems!

    1. Lot of things that need media attention have not got their due. Unearthing things that I followed in the 80s and 90s


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