Wednesday, May 13, 2015

723. Why Vodka is better than Yoga?

Yoga is 1) an art form for some; 2) a meditation technique for a few others and 3) a way of life for many. 

Different forms of Yoga are being taught in many places around the globe.

Vodka on the other hand is a Potato flavoured juice which is mixed with a little bit of ethanol. 

Vodka is also 1) an art form for some; 2) a meditation technique for a few others and 3) a way of life for many.

This blog post will dig deep into the science behind these art forms and also come up with an analytical result of why one form is better than the other.

The Subject of the blog is a give away. You already know the answer. So I am gonna make it simple and easy for you. I will just tell the various reasons why Vodka is better than Yoga. 

Let us take a sample pose of both these art forms. From Yoga I have chosen HalasanaPose and from Vodka I chose KalpanaBales.

Halasana  - Is a pose where you have to lie on your back, place both palms facing the ground. Then you have lift your leg and place it on the ground as shown in the above picture.

Kalpana - Is a pose where you will first place your leg on the bench and drop your head to the floor with a thud sound

1) While performing Halasana you will be conscious of your surroundings. But while performing Kalpana you will be unconscious. 

2) You normally need a mat to perform Halasana. But to perform Kalpana, you do not need any mat. You can even perform this pose in a ditch.

3) Halasana is a basic level art form. Kalpana is challenging and more advanced level of art form

4) In the Yoga pose, only the shoulder muscles come into play. But in the Vodka pose, the shoulder, head, neck and even your groin muscles play a vital role.

5) While performing Yoga, you can't trust your farts. But you can always put your trust on Vodka because even if you fart out loud, you won't even know.

6) You need to learn Yoga from a tutor. But to perform Vodka, you don't need a tutor because Vodka by itself is a tutor. Vodka will make you an artist by bringing out the best in you even without your knowledge.

7) Some Yoga instructors will ask you to perform Yoga with a solemn music playing in the background. To perform Vodka, you don't need any music. Music will automatically start playing inside your head.

8) You don't get a head ache by performing Yoga. But on most ocassions you will have a hang over and a splitting headache after performing Vodka. This also means you give more employment opportunities to physicians. Vodka gives employment and earning opportunities to others in the society. 

These reasons are more than enough to prove that Vodka is better than Yoga on any given day.

- Chronicwriter


  1. This has any relation to singer kalpana akka? just curious :P

  2. Differentiate Yoga and Vodka. 10th standard la question ku answer panna mari iruku boss

    1. Appo ellam ipdi eludhuna mark poduvaanga, Ippo ellam yaarum mark poduradhu illa


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