Thursday, April 30, 2015

720. Rahul Gandhi Earth Quake

Sakshi Maharaj's revelation that Rahul Gandhi was the main reason behind the Nepal earthquake has drawn flak from all classes of the society.

Shekar Suman, a  Lower Kinder Garten student of a popular school in the city has said "Thooo" in response to Sakshi Maharaj's statement.

Sakshi had stated that Rahul Gandhi had eaten beef and that is the reason for the earthquake in Bihar. More over he has added that Rahul Gandhi entered Kedarnath without purification and Nepal succumbed to the wrath of nature.

This statement by Sakshi brought forth tears in the eyes of film actor Ajith Kumar. Speaking to Chronicwriter's team of reporters, Ajith claimed that the statement made by Sakshi reminded him of the famous comedy scene from the movie Attahasam. In that movie there is a famous comedy scene in which Ajith repairs an auto by turning the rear view mirror in the auto. Sakshi's statement was very similar to that comedy scene.

If Rahul's unholy Vist to Kedarnath temple was the reason behind the Nepal earth quake, whose visit caused the Uttarakhand earth quake? With people suffering because of the Natural calamity, people are using it for their religious benefits. 

I saw many posts from religious Christians claiming that because Christians were persecuted in Nepal, God caused this calamity. I could only shake my head in disappointment at the manner in which these nut heads create their own stories.

If Sakshi Maharaj is true, then Rahul Gandhi should be sent to Pakistan and made to eat Beef Biriyani. That would send earth quake to Pakistan. It would be as simple as that. 

Sakshi Maharaj has many rape charges against him too. If those charges are true, then he needs to shut two things; one of which is his mouth. This was the same guy who wanted women to give birth to ten babies.Before blaming poor little Gandhi for the earth quake, Maharaj should first clean his arm pits. Sources say that the last time he took a bath was in the year 2013 when he got drenched in rain.

At this rate, MS Dhoni might even ask his wife Sakshi to change her name to Rakhi Sawant because Rakhi has made lesser foolish statements compared to Sakshi.



  1. I didn't smile, but Laughed reading this aloud to my colleagues :D

    1. romba naal kalichu someone has told this about this blog. :) thank you

  2. He he.. That Ajith Kumar - Auto comedy is from the movie Attahasam, btw, not Villain.

    1. Thanks for pointing that. Made corrections in the post


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