Salman Khan is one man who visits many girls in their dreams. Women between the age of 12 and 60 go crazy about Salman Khan.

Trisha is the female version of Salman Khan. She is 31 and still looks like a girl in her early 20s. She is the dream girl of many men around the globe. When she got engaged to Varun earlier this year, she broke many hearts. A friend of mine even attempted suicide.

This week she finally called off her engagement and all the broken hearts got soothed by this decision by Trisha.

Different people are throwing in different conspiracies for their split up. If you ask me why they split up, my answer would be "I don't know". What I know is that this decision has brought smiles to many men.

My friend who attempted suicide when Trisha got engaged, was one among the many men who were elated hearing the news of break up.

He called me up on my phone and this is how our conversation went

He: Dai maapla, Trishakku break up aayiduchu daaa (Trisha Broke up with her guy)

Me : That is good news for you. So now what?

He: I am happy maapla. I am going to shave now.

Me: Good. Do that now. Your beard is now longer than your armpit hair.

He: But I don't know the reason behind their break up maapla. Can you find out?

Me: Adha therinju enna panna pora (What are you gonna do by knowing about it?)

He: Chumma therinju vachukkadhaan (I am just curious to know)

Me: She does not even know you. So forget it.

He: Maapla Can you write a blog post that I love her? I will post that link on her fan page and make her understand about my love for her

Me : Kandraavi. Senju tholairein (I will do it for you)

He: Ok da. Write a post and publish it soon. Also add my photo in your post. I will send my photo in which I have that moustache. I am sure Trisha will like it.

Me : Done. Will I be getting a treat for that?

He: Yes. BN- Weekend

Me: The post will be published today.

Here is a photo of my friend Dhanesh Raj. He is a 38 year old Bachelor. He is still waiting for Trisha.

Maapla! Trisha Unakkudhaan.

Note: This post will be pulled down if I don't get any treat from my friend.