Thursday, April 30, 2015

720. Rahul Gandhi Earth Quake

Sakshi Maharaj's revelation that Rahul Gandhi was the main reason behind the Nepal earthquake has drawn flak from all classes of the society.

Shekar Suman, a  Lower Kinder Garten student of a popular school in the city has said "Thooo" in response to Sakshi Maharaj's statement.

Sakshi had stated that Rahul Gandhi had eaten beef and that is the reason for the earthquake in Bihar. More over he has added that Rahul Gandhi entered Kedarnath without purification and Nepal succumbed to the wrath of nature.

This statement by Sakshi brought forth tears in the eyes of film actor Ajith Kumar. Speaking to Chronicwriter's team of reporters, Ajith claimed that the statement made by Sakshi reminded him of the famous comedy scene from the movie Attahasam. In that movie there is a famous comedy scene in which Ajith repairs an auto by turning the rear view mirror in the auto. Sakshi's statement was very similar to that comedy scene.

If Rahul's unholy Vist to Kedarnath temple was the reason behind the Nepal earth quake, whose visit caused the Uttarakhand earth quake? With people suffering because of the Natural calamity, people are using it for their religious benefits. 

I saw many posts from religious Christians claiming that because Christians were persecuted in Nepal, God caused this calamity. I could only shake my head in disappointment at the manner in which these nut heads create their own stories.

If Sakshi Maharaj is true, then Rahul Gandhi should be sent to Pakistan and made to eat Beef Biriyani. That would send earth quake to Pakistan. It would be as simple as that. 

Sakshi Maharaj has many rape charges against him too. If those charges are true, then he needs to shut two things; one of which is his mouth. This was the same guy who wanted women to give birth to ten babies.Before blaming poor little Gandhi for the earth quake, Maharaj should first clean his arm pits. Sources say that the last time he took a bath was in the year 2013 when he got drenched in rain.

At this rate, MS Dhoni might even ask his wife Sakshi to change her name to Rakhi Sawant because Rakhi has made lesser foolish statements compared to Sakshi.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

719. Trisha! The lady Salman Khan of film Industry

Salman Khan is one man who visits many girls in their dreams. Women between the age of 12 and 60 go crazy about Salman Khan.

Trisha is the female version of Salman Khan. She is 31 and still looks like a girl in her early 20s. She is the dream girl of many men around the globe. When she got engaged to Varun earlier this year, she broke many hearts. A friend of mine even attempted suicide.

This week she finally called off her engagement and all the broken hearts got soothed by this decision by Trisha.

Different people are throwing in different conspiracies for their split up. If you ask me why they split up, my answer would be "I don't know". What I know is that this decision has brought smiles to many men.

My friend who attempted suicide when Trisha got engaged, was one among the many men who were elated hearing the news of break up.

He called me up on my phone and this is how our conversation went

He: Dai maapla, Trishakku break up aayiduchu daaa (Trisha Broke up with her guy)

Me : That is good news for you. So now what?

He: I am happy maapla. I am going to shave now.

Me: Good. Do that now. Your beard is now longer than your armpit hair.

He: But I don't know the reason behind their break up maapla. Can you find out?

Me: Adha therinju enna panna pora (What are you gonna do by knowing about it?)

He: Chumma therinju vachukkadhaan (I am just curious to know)

Me: She does not even know you. So forget it.

He: Maapla Can you write a blog post that I love her? I will post that link on her fan page and make her understand about my love for her

Me : Kandraavi. Senju tholairein (I will do it for you)

He: Ok da. Write a post and publish it soon. Also add my photo in your post. I will send my photo in which I have that moustache. I am sure Trisha will like it.

Me : Done. Will I be getting a treat for that?

He: Yes. BN- Weekend

Me: The post will be published today.

Here is a photo of my friend Dhanesh Raj. He is a 38 year old Bachelor. He is still waiting for Trisha.

Maapla! Trisha Unakkudhaan.

Note: This post will be pulled down if I don't get any treat from my friend.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

718. DIY Photo frames from old CDs

Do you have lots of old CDs in your house? Are you planning to discard them? If the answer is Yes, think twice before you trash them. This post will help you in making beautiful photo frames out of those old CDs.

I have tonnes of CDs in my house, thanks to the innumerable project works, music recordings and the old collection of MP3 songs I have in my place. Most of the CDs have scratches and they are of no use any more. So I decided to use them in a good way. I decided to make photo frames out of them

Do it yourself Photo Frame from Old CDs

You will need
1) 15 CDs ( You can use more CDs or lesser number of CDs based on the design you choose
2) FeviKwik glue (Cost Rs 10 for a small tube) for sticking the CDs together
3) Fevistick glue ( Rs 10 for a small stick) for sticking the photos on the CD


1) Take all the CDs and stick them so that a triangle is formed.

5 CDS in the top row
4 CDs in the second row
3 CDs in the third row
2 CDs in the fourth row
1 CD in the last row

The last CD should have two or three drops of glue because this one CD will hold together all the other CDs.

2) Now you need photos to be stuck on the CD. If you are not good in Photoshop and if you are not that good in designing, you can use PIXLR (Poor man's photoshop) to create round shaped photos for the 15 photos.

a) Go to
b) Select Pixlr Express
c) Select Collage

d) Select Layout and choose the 5 X 5 matrix layout.

e) Select roundness and give maximum value to it (300). Now you can add your 15 photos by just adding the picture into each circle by clicking the + icon inside each circle. It is very simple.

f) Once the first three rows are filled with photos of your choice, you can save the picture and take a print out of the same in an A3 paper. A Colour print out of the same will cost you between Rs 20 - Rs 30. Use a Photo paper or a board paper for better results. This is the output that I got. I used pictures of my daughter.

2) Cut the photos carefully and place it on the CD frame. Use the Fevi stick and stick the photos on the frame. You can use the top CD to hang on a nail on the wall.

The total time taken for sticking the CDs together - 45 minutes
The total time for design and taking print out - 45 minutes
The total time taken for sticking the photos on the CD frames - 30 minutes

Within two hours you have a beautiful creative photo frame that you can hang in your drawing room. The total money spent for this will be less than Rs 70. If you have to buy such a frame in the market, you will have to shell more than Rs 500 for the same. Once you are comfortable with this shape, you can also try different size and shapes using the CDs.

- Chronicwriter.

Monday, April 20, 2015

717. IPL 2015 and my school memories

I am not following IPL as I used to follow the earlier versions. I still have great memories of the first few IPLs. Seeing Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid, Ponting, Sanath and all the legends in action was a treat for our eyes. 

Now, I do not even know which player plays for which team. That is how I am confused now. I was under the impression that Sehwag was still playing for Delhi and I was proved wrong. It is still a treat to watch the Nawab of Najafgarh ambushing the bowlers.

I watched a couple of matches and while watching these I got reminded of some of my school mates.
This blog post is a dedication for those four fellows 

1) Bomb Babu
2) Arun Devanathan
3) Amp  Robin
4) Shakeel Ahmed

If you had read these four names, you would not have understood anything. Some of you might be one of their colleagues. To give you a better understanding about them, let me explain about them in detail

1) Bomb Babu

When ever I see that Dhoni fan, my 6th standard classmate Bomb Babu comes to my mind. Bomb Babu had the Bomb tag attached to his name because he was the King of farts in class. Every one of us were scared to sit next to him. He never worried about the aroma he spread in the class room. One day his Bomb attack became fatal for our English teacher "Megala" who fainted in the class, not able to bear the silent attack from Bomb Babu.

His mom would always add salt to his injury. She used to apply excess amount of turmeric paste on his neck and hands and most of the time Bomb Babu would have a yellow gluey appearance. At times, during his bomb attacks we would get confused whether the substance on his body was turmeric or something else. 
One day he did not come to school. We were told that he was suffering from dysentery. Imagine what would have happened if he had attempted a Bomb while having dysentery. He would have done this painting to people sitting near him.

Now he is the VP Sales of a leading IT firm and is based in the United States of America. If you are his colleague, you would have easily recognised him by now.

2) Arun Devanathan

Arun was my classmate from Kinder Garten to 10th standard. I have had the privilege of being his classmate for 12 years. He used to be the class topper during my Kindergarten days. He lost his studious touch once we crossed the Kindergarten stage. In primary school and in high school, he was failing in almost all the subjects. 

None of us knew how such a brilliant mind could flunk in all the subjects. The teachers spent time with him trying to find the reason for his poor performance. Nothing came to his rescue. Finally the Head Master decided not to allow him to write the 10th public exams citing reasons that his failure would cost the school's hundred percentage pass trend. Arun's mother came to the school, pleaded with the head master and some how managed to get permission for his son to write the exams.

Arun wrote the public exam and he was the school topper with 478 marks out of 500. In the year 1997, that was a huge score. He regained the form that he lost in his kindergarten days. When I see Nehra's performance in this year's IPL, I get memories of his spell against England in the 2003 world cup. Where were you Mr Nehra for the past 12 years? Nehra and Arun are still a mystery for me. I do not know what Arun is doing these days. When I spoke to him a few years ago, he told me that he was planning to become an IAS officer. He might be a collector in some city. 

3) Amp Robin

Robin was my partner in crime during my school days. My name is Christopher Robin and his name was Robin too. We were both shorties and we both were brats. I was a loud talker. He was louder than me and hence had the tag "Amp" attached to his name. He can never share a secret with anyone.

If any one of us were found sleeping in the class, he would come near us and send a blood spurting scream in our ears. It would take an entire week for our ear drums to regain consciousness after going through that strain caused by him.

He was always caught by the teachers for speaking in class and his statement "Miss I did not talk" is still fresh in my memory. Robin came to my mind when I saw Pollard making a mockery of sorts and giving the umpires a dose of their own medicine. I do not know what Robin is up to these days. 

4) Shakeel Ahmed

Shakeel, the richest guy in the class. His father owned some Jewellery store in the gelf. He used to come to school in a Mercedes. He had a pager during my school days. Mobile phones were an unknown entity during our school days. Girls thronged after him to get into his car; he never had a way with them though. He had the best home tutors for him. But still he was the loser in our class. He was the butt of all jokes because he would try to put others down by showcasing his money power. He also failed miserably in his studies. 

The RCB owner reminds me of Shakeel. Mallya has the best hitters in his team; still they manage to lose. No one knows why. I am sure Mallya also does not know the secret. 

Shakeel is now the owner of his daddy's shop in the gelf. We used to call him Shakeela because he looked like Shakeela.

- Chronicwriter

Thursday, April 09, 2015

716. Oldest object in your house

I took my mobile phone and walked around my house looking for the oldest object in the house.

I opened my wardrobe and saw a vest with holes that I wore during my school days. It was old. But it was not the oldest.

Then I walked into the living room and wanted to click that old gramophone. It was a 1964 make instrument. But I knew there should be some other object which was older than that.

I then saw an old photograph of my great great grand father which must have been clicked by the Britishers for whom he worked. It must have been taken in the 1910s. 

When I started discovering things that date back to more than 100 years, I decided to search more to find if I could find any other object which was older than that.

Finally I saw this chair, which has plastic seat and backrest. The frame was varnished some years ago. The chair is made of teak wood and that chair dates back to the 1890s. It was a love gift presented by my great grand father's great grand father to his wife.

That chair has seen 3 centuries, 8 generations and many people. I asked my daughter to climb the chair and clicked this snap.

I strongly urge my blog friends to click a picture of the oldest object in their house and write a blog post about it.


715. Decoding Yograj Singh's Curse

Former India cricketer and Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh has slammed MS Dhoni saying the India captain ridicules the same media which has given him so ‘much hype’. This post will decode his words.

In an interview to a Hindi news channel, Yograj said Dhoni was ‘nothing’ and it’s the media which has made him a star.

Media did not give much hype to Dhoni. It was Dhoni's brilliance with the bat in the year 2005 that made him who he is now. Yes the media is biased and what we read in newspapers and see on TV is not real news but only opinions of journalists. The same media which gave hype to Dhoni also blasted Dhoni on many occasions.  So Yograj Singh's statement that the media gave him hype does not hold good as a good argument point.
“There was a time when he had nothing but today he sits in front of media and rips off the media persons. He laughs at media who has given him so much hype. He laughs at the Indian people who clap when he scores a run. Honestly, if I were a media person, I would have slapped Dhoni right there,” he said.

Mr Yograj Singh is right and wrong at the same time. Yes! Dhoni has the gift of the gab and he put the media personnel in their place in the post match press conference after India's defeat against the Australians in the 2015 world cup semifinals. He never laughed at media persons. He exposed the stupidity of that journalist who tried to corner him with a silly question. More over Dhoni never laughed at Indian people. Finally a media person does not have the right to slap and become a moral police. So Yograj Singh is brutally wrong in his statements about Dhoni and media.

Yograj even went on to liken Dhoni to Ravana. “Dhoni is arrogant. The way Ravana’s proud came to an end, Dhoni will also suffer some day. He considers himself much above Ravana. I feel really ashamed when other cricketers come and tell me about Dhoni. Earlier, I used to think that people must be cribbing about Dhoni due to jealousy. But when the cricketers told me about him, I think I have never seen a terrible person like him ever in my life,” he said.

Yograj Singh's comparison of Dhoni to Ravana may be his own opinion. He may have a point there. He has said that many cricketers have come to him and have confessed to him how bad Dhoni is. Sreesanth's father told the same thing a few months ago. But none of them are actually telling how exactly Dhoni behaved like Ravana. Yograj Singh is venting his emotions with anger. Instead of that, if he could have listed down the reasons why he considers Dhoni as Ravana, then he may have had a valid point. But by not doing so, he fell prey to hundreds of Twitteratis who made fun of that statement with memes and taunts.
He also questioned Dhoni’s decision to elevate himself in the batting order during the World Cup final in 2011 and blamed him for taking the credit instead of his son Yuvraj. “In the 2011 final, Yuvraj was going to bat but Dhoni stopped him and went to bat and became a hero. Why didn’t he bat at No. 4 this time? Why did he go at No. 6? If he considers himself great then he should have batted at No. 6 and guided India to a win against the Aussies,” he said.

Yograj Singh's argumentative skills goes for a toss here. In 2011 final Dhoni went up the order and won the match for India. Yuvraj Singh was the man of the tournament. Yuvraj finished the game along with Dhoni by giving him great company. But in the 2014 world T20 final against SriLanka, the same Dhoni who is accused of not allowing Yuvraj to come up the order, actually allowed Yuvraj to go ahead of him to up the ante. But it was Yuvraj's useless knock that made SriLankans to thump India in the finals. Yograj Singh kept quiet at that time.
I cannot jump to a conclusion and say that Yograj Singh is wrong. Even Yuvraj Singh has tweeted positively for Dhoni even after his dad cursed Dhoni.

Yograj Singh is definitely going through some hurt. It is definitely because of Yuvraj's omission from the squad. But the manner in which he has come out and spurred out words has only made things worse for himself. If he really has a point, he should come out with apt words and conveyed the matter clearly. Most of us are emotionally driven people and we react subjectively to the matter. People have started hating Yograj Singh because of the manner in which he has come out in the open.

Trivia about Yograj Singh : He is  movie actor and a former player for team India. He has played 1 Test and 6 one day Internationals. He was one of the fastest bowlers India had during his time and he was known for his late off cutters.

Yuvraj Singh has lot of cricket left in him and he is the highest paid player in this year's IPL. Hope he will settle things once and for all and make his way back into the Indian team by letting his bat do the talking. It is not easy to defeat cancer and then make a come back into the team. Yuvraj has already done that and best wishes to him for making yet another come back.


Monday, April 06, 2015

714. Are you a love failure?

Recently Madhavan uploaded the above picture on his Facebook page. 

It has been 14 years since Reena said Yes to Rajesh at the altar in a historic decision making instance in which she ended up ditching Rajeev Samuel. (You would understand this line only if you had seen the movie Minnaley)

Rajeev Samuel became so dejected and left the scene. He was last seen donning a blue cap and a white shirt and cleaning toilets in various houses. But the good thing was, he got his smile back.

If you had seen the movie Minnale, the real villain was Rajesh (Madhavan) and Rajeev Samuel (Abbas) was actually the good guy who was ditched in the end.

We come across many such stories where people get rejected for one reason or the other.

I know a guy who was rejected by the girl he was in love with because he was earning less compared to the guy she eventually married. The guy I know started hating the girl and when ever I talk to him he always says that he would earn more than the other guy and prove to the girl what she has lost. Many people have this mentality.

What are you gonna gain by proving to someone about yourself? If you have to prove to someone who you really are and what you are capable of, then that someone is YOU. 

Rather than trying to prove our mettle to someone, let us first live for ourselves. Once we start doing that we will have peace within us. That's what really matters. 

If we are still trying to prove someone wrong, then we are still controlled by that hurt that someone gave us some time back. It also means that person still controls your emotions. Get out of that hurt and start having a control of your emotions

Live for yourself. Stay Happy. Smile like Rajeev Samuel.


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

713. Anya's territory

My daughter Anya is growing up fast. It seems like only yesterday I was carrying her in my arms and now she has already grown to half my height. Looks like she will cross my height very soon. She is a rowdy in her play school. She beats up all the boys and she calls it as her choice.

This picture shows her territory at our house. This is where she spends most of her time.  She goes to her height measuring chart and says 85 cm. Though she has crossed 90 cms she still loves 85. There might be some reason. May be 85 is her favorite number. "Etti Py"- that is how she says that.

The blue table is where she does her art work and the green mini carpet is where she plays with her toys.  She also uses the table to climb up and reach inside the book shelf to flick my books. Only when I open some of my books, I would realise that she has left her mark in them. The crayon color work tells me that she had been there.

The tricycle is her stunt platform. She does stunts in that tricycle that many do not even dare attempting. I tried to sit on the tricycle and a wheel broke. So now she has another tricycle. This video shows her stunts that she did when she was two

In the above picture you can also spot an elephant. If only that elephant could speak, it would have cried out loud. She is supposed to sit on that elephant and rock to glory. But she pulls the elephant by its trunk and takes it to the garden. One day we found the elephant abandoned behind a flower pot.

I can go on writing about my daughter. I will save it up for another post.