Wednesday, March 18, 2015

709. An Open letter to Internet Explorer

Dear Internet explorer,

You asked me many times whether I wanted to keep you as my default web browser. 

I ignored you all the time. 

I made fun of you. 

I also made memes out of you and kalachufied (made fun of) you. 

You know, even when I made fun of you, you would still ask me whether I wanted you as my default browser. 

I snubbed you and have always turned down your proposal. 

My answer "No Thanks" would have hurt you. 

But I never for once stalled and thought how hard it must have been for you.

Now I heard the news that your owners are gonna shut you down. 

I don't know if they are gonna repackage you and present you to us in another name called "Sparta". But I might not recognise you by then.

I disowned you for that firefox girl and later ditched her for that chrome blonde. I three timed on all you three before I ditched you for good. Now I feel bad.

I used to get irritated when the above situation arose (see the above picture). I would just restart the desktop computer not knowing what to do. 

Now I would not have the privilege to do that because you are gonna leave. I have only memories with me.

I might have cheated you for Chrome; but do you know that Chrome troubles me a lot with many browser viruses these days.

I still have you in a corner of my heart.

I hope that I recognise you when you come in a repackaged format so that I don't treat you the same way Sridevi treated KamalHassan in Mundram Pirai.

Do you know one thing? I typed this post in your lap. Yes I used IE browser to type this post. 

I know you would have felt my agony filled finger impressions on the keyboard as I typed this post.

I sign off with tears in my eyes. You were slow; but you were sweet.

I have realised your importance only when you are about to leave the stage.

Your Ungrateful Ex-User

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  1. WE have all cheated on her indiscriminately...
    But she has brought us all together in unity due to this... Love her for that

    PS: Kudos for defining her as a 'she'!!


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