Sunday, March 15, 2015

707. Cricketers who will retire after the CWC 2015

After the world cup 2015 Sri Lanka won't have the services of Mahela Jayawardene, Sangakara and Dilshan. The latter two are in the form of their lives and when they hang their pads and gloves SriLanka's top order will become so weak that even the Nepalese Cricket team would take their chances against them in Asian tournaments.

The toe breaker Malinga will also announce his retirement after the world cup. It is gonna be a herculean task for the Sri Lankan team to find proper replacements for these greats.

Their retirement reminds me of the loss that the cricket team I was a part of faced when I retired from the team. I retired because I was never included in the playing 11 even after being in the team for more than 10 years. I was allowed to bowl in the nets and I would bat for long hours too but I was never entertained in the playing 11. After I announced my retirement (which they never bothered), the team never ever had a 12th man like me. Now when I see the pads, groin guard, gloves, cap and the helmet, I feel that I could have at least sold them to Rohan Gavaskar and bought dates and had eaten them. At least the iron content in my body would have gone up.

Another great batsman who will be sorely missed is Brendon Taylor of Zimbabwe. There are some players who always end up in the wrong team. Zaltan for Sweden is a classic example.

If Brendon Taylor had been in Pakistan, they would have preserved him for a century. Zimbabwe could not afford him and he is going to England. We already have great examples of Peterson, Eoin Morgan suffering big time in the hands of the Brits. Taylor might join that list too; but he has to wait for 3 years to be officially selected for the English team.

Taylor's sudden move across countries reminds me of the career shift I made from India to Singapore and then back to India. The grass is greener on the other side because the other side is full of bull shit. Those who have gone through this phase in life will understand what I am talking about.

Pakistan will also lose the services of Afridi, Misbah and Younis Khan after the world cup. Misbah has been a sorry figure in the Pakistan cricket team for almost a decade now. He does everything for the team and his team mates stab him when he is about to finish the project. Afridi on the other hand  said that he will beat the fastest century record in this world cup. How ever in this world cup, his batting is so bad that Ishant Sharma and Rohit Sharma could actually smile in peace knowing that there is a batsman who is a bigger flop than them. Finally Younis Khan! This gentleman was never understood by anyone. No one knows why he was selected in the Pakistan cricket team, nor does he know the answer for the same question. He will also leave the green turf with that broad smile he always displays.

I also do not know why I have this blog; yet I always publish a blog post with that smile that I expect the reader to have on his or her face while reading this post. I will finally hang the boots one day. Keep Smiling



  1. Definitely hope that day never comes!! Ur blog posts always make me smile, no matter wat they r about!! :)

  2. Love the guy Sehwag and the utterly fearless way he played the game: failure never seemed to deter him from playing the way he knew best.Came up with some classic quotes too, my personal favourite from the first test he was captain for its unusual honesty for a presentation: "Everybody has done well, except Sreesanth.


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