Friday, March 06, 2015

706. The Mauka Mauka Ad guy

Meet Mr Vishal Malhotra who dons the role of the Pakistan cricket fan in the Star Sports Ad series featured in this year's world cup.

This Hunk who is also a Harvard product. (Harvard school Delhi :P ) is a biker and an upcoming model. He is the talk of the country now. People have the question "Who is this guy?". The Indian fan who acts in this ad has not become as famous as Vishal. He is also an excellent dancer and excels in Salsa and other dance forms. Here in this picture below, you can see him teaching some steps to SRK.

And if you are wondering who this guy in the below picture is, you gotta know about him because sooner or later, this guy will make it big in the advertising scene. Meet. Mr Suresh Triveni- the brain behind this ad series.

If you had carefully seen this ad, the script also carries some collaborative marketing (Yepme) and subliminal marketing techniques. The makers have made the Indian supporters to watch closely and wait for the next ad; with an equal anticipation they give to the real match that India plays in the world cup. Well done Bubblewrap Studios.

Note: This is the third ad that made me to do some research on the amount of work that went behind the making of the ad ( The Hutch ad and the Fevicol ads were the other two ads where I spent much time to research during my MBA days)

- Chronicwriter 

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  1. This guy was my senior in school. He sings pretty well.


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