Friday, January 30, 2015

701. Chennaiya? Madrasa?

Chennai! A Tradional and Modern Masala city. 
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What should I write about you - Chennai?
I will start with my personal experience about Chennai

My experience with Chennai can be narrated in three parts

1st part: - My summer holiday visits to Chennai in the month of May to visit my grand parents during my schooling days. It was definitely the worst month to visit Chennai. I grew up in Nagercoil. So visiting Chennai during the month of Chennai would be a year long wait for me. I would come to Chennai and spend one whole month in Tambaram. Those days, I never got a glimpse of Chennai as a whole. All I knew in Chennai was MCC  College, Tambaram house, the Church where we worshipped on Sundays and the Airforce ground where we used to go to meet an uncle. So I never knew much about Chennai back then. The big family will go to the beaches, see the LIC tower and visit vandaloor zoo and Mahabalipuram beach on a weekend. I loved coming to Chennai because it helped me to bond with my cousins. Chennai was one place where I realised and relished the love of family members.

2nd part: - In my final year of Engineering, I came to Chennai to do my summer project. It was the year 2003. After completing the project, I stayed for one more year in Chennai to prepare for the MBA CAT,GMAT,JMET,XAT exams. I stayed in my uncle's house and that was the first time I started using public transport alone. Travelling in the Chennai electric trains is an experience that deserves a separate post. I spent my weekends in Spencer plaza. The escalator in Spencer Plaza would have cried if only it had eyes. I would walk into Music world and would plug in the ear phones to just appear cool. My idea of being cool was taking a process in my mind at that point of time in my life. My dressing style changed during this phase of my life. For one whole year I was left wondering who that Pulli Raja was?

3rd part: - The third part of my tryst with Madras is happening now. It saw the transition of my life from bachelorhood to being a married man. Life has become calm and composed.

What is Chennai famous for?

Every town in Tamilnadu is known for some speciality. 
Nagercoil is known for Plum cakes.
Tirunelveli for halwa.
Tuticorin for Macroons
Sathur for Kaara sevu
Sriviliputhur for Milk Kova.
Kovilpatti for kadalaimuttai
Salem for Mangoes
Dindukal for Biriyani

I was trying to find out what Chennai is famous for? It is not known for one particular thing. Chennai is famous for a lot of reasons. Anyone can google about it and find what Chennai is famous for. 

Chennai is in fact a conglomerate of all the cities and towns in Tamilnadu. You can find anything and every flavour of all the cities of Tamilnadu in Chennai. Chennai is also known for Coovam river. People from all parts of Tamilnadu come to Chennai to make a living. I am one such example. The bachelor mansions in Triplicane speaks volumes for what I just said.

Chennai! Nee evlo asingama, alukka irundhaalum, I still love you; because I live in you, I breathe your air and you have become a part of me.



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  1. You have written more about you, than the city. I think this tag has the maximum people diverting from the main topic (including me)! Good to read your perspective about the city :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. My daughter asked me the same question of what Chennai is famous for. After breaking our head for few days, we had our answer "Madras Tamil"


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