12 years of blogging.
700 posts in my humour blog.
More than 50 Individual Blogs on more than 10 different streams and topics. (This blog is just one among the 50 blogs I have)
It has been a long journey in deed.

People who started a blog after me have published books, become national celebrities and have made it big by working towards their goal. I am still sitting here and searching for that goal post in a football field, with a cricket bat, a golf ball and a roller skating blade in my feet. Lack of discipline in one particular field is the reason behind my unsuccessful campaign to make it big in the field of writing. The only discipline I have had all these years is my fervour to update this Blog "Chronicwriter"

This blog post is an analysis of the minds of Tamil film Directors. The techniques used by many Tamil film directors are expressed in pictorial format.

Finally, it is Director Shankar vs Producer Shankar

- Chronicwriter.