(Note: Anyone who has any disagreements to this post of mine,please feel free to post your counter arguments with proofs. Do not blindly support a copy cat)

Harris Jeyaraj! The Copy Cat.

Let me dissect this song "Maya Bazaar" from his upcoming movie "Yennai arindhaal".

My analysis of the song

1) The first 50 seconds of the song is a synthesized version of "Arima Arima from the movie Endhiran" Listen to it to know what I am saying.

2) From the 55th second to 1:14 minutes - he transits to his next copy song.From 1:14 to 2:32 "anbe en aruiyirey lyrics start". Christians would realise which Tamil traditional song song this tune has been ripped away from". The tabla part for this piece adds beauty to the track though).

This is the original song (Salemin Raja) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTfBbV_pgkg

3) From 2:33 onwards Harris uses the nadhaswaram part accompanied by the tabla part to synchronise in "Kalyana samayal saadham song".

4) From 2:55 onwards, another christmas song is inserted. It is "Bethalayil pirandhavarai potri thudhi manamey song". Check the original song track here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC0ftEcFQ38

5) 3:40 onwards Salemin raja song is added again

What Harris Jeyaraj has done is just a medley sequence of 4 songs out of which 2 are Christian songs. Many will support him and say that he has atleast made his original arragements. But the sad part is, he has not even changed the chord progression in his copy cat act.  This is just one of his songs in that movie. I don't know how many crores he demanded for such copy cat work.

When I see the manner in which films, scripts and music are ripped by Tamil film makers, I am worried that talented people with originality and scope for creativity will never be given a chance by these copy cats who are acting as stumbling blocks.

- Chronicwriter