Tuesday, November 25, 2014

687. Take that extra effort

I have been trying to publish a novel for the last 6 years. I have not succeeded in it. Procrastination, lack of interest and discipline and getting bogged down often are the reasons for this lag.

It would be a great feeling to finally publish the book and release it. Many of my friends have published books. Many a time, I look at them and think "Why I am unable to do so?".

Yes I have a goal. I know I can achieve the goal; but still I am unable to reach there yet. Why?

We all know the answer. The answer is simple. If we really try with all our heart and when we put effort, it will reap good results.

On paper, It looks goods and it brings a smile on my face when I read such inspirational lines. I have often shared inspirational quotes on my FB timeline. Many have said that those lines have inspired them. If I could Inspire others to achieve success, why am I not able to achieve it?

Two days ago, I was watching a football match where my favorite two players Neymar and Messi were toying with the opposition. In the same room, my daughter and my mom were also playing with a ball. After a point of time, I started noticing my daughter. The game that she played with my mom became more interesting. I started watching her strategy.

My mom would throw the ball at her and Anya would try to catch the ball. Every single time, she failed to grab the ball. I started counting the number of misses. She almost missed catching the ball for more than 50 times. But she did not give up. She had the same energy, smile and determination and she kept on trying.

It looked like a simple fun game between a grand mother and her grand child. But a valuable lesson was hidden inside it. Did my daughter finally succeed? You have to watch this video to see how determined she was. I captured it all on cam.

Have I learnt my lesson? Until I put it in practise, I have not learnt my lesson.



  1. Awesome post bro....God neva lets us down under any circumstances....we just need to have a Never Give Up Attitude :) Nothing is Impossible with Him being our side :)


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