Thursday, November 13, 2014

683. The Secret behind Rohit Sharma's success

Rohit Sharma! Once hailed as the only batsman who had the talent in him to better Sachin's records lost his way somewhere in the middle of his career. Sachin once said that Rohit will score 10000 test runs in his career. For sometime it seemed as though Sachin was joking; but Sachin might be right.

Rohit Sharma was one of the reasons for India's 2007 T20 world cup win. Many would remember Yuvraj Singh's blistering performance in that world cup; Sreesanth's performance against the Aussies, Joginder Sharma's last overs. But if you had watched that world cup closely, Rohit played two beautiful knocks in that world cup triumph. His 50 against South Africa enabled India to qualify for the semi finals. In the finals he showed his class again with a quickfire 30 of 16 balls against the Pakistanis.

But after those performances, Rohit Sharma became a lazy goose and he lost his place in the Indian cricket team. He was not even selected for the 2011 world cup squad.

He was the butt of many jokes in the Internet world. He was labelled as NO HIT Sharma. He was rude in answering his critics and this made people to make fun of him even more. He once said that Critics are like girlfriends; they never stop thinking about you". Those lines indeed have so much meaning in it.

He has gone through his lows in relationships too. He dated top model Sofia Hayat. I don't know why they call her as a top model. She broke up with him citing reasons that he never acknowledged their relationship in public.

Her break up with Rohit Sharma on Twitter made him look more like a villain in the public space. Her Tweet was so strong against him that made him lose many followers. She bluntly said that he was not a gentleman.

Later, close associates who knew their relationship revealed the exact reason behind the break up. She broke up with Rohit two years ago (October 2012). Rohit was not performing well at that time and there was a rumour that Rohit was still in the team only because of Dhoni.

This was a classic example of the statement that some girls only associate themselves with popular men. Rohit's dip in form might be because of his relationship with Sofia Hayat. This is just a conspiracy theory.

Rohit did not grow a beard. Infact he started concentrating on his batting and he started batting beautifully. In the year 2013 he scored 209 and in 2014 he scored a brilliant 264. The girls who were so much crazy about Virat Kohli are now going gaga over Rohit.

It is believed that Narendra Modi passed on some super powers to Rohit Sharma that did this trick in Rohit's life. See the below picture where Narendra Modi passes on his super power to Rohit Sharma

The SriLankan team was lured to come to India so that the Sharmas could perform well in the series. Ishant Sharma, Anushka Sharma and Rohit Sharma made full use of the series to prove their worth

Rohit's performance has also indirectly shut the doors for Sehwag of making any sort of come backs into the Indian team. The opening batsman spot is now up for grabs and Rahane, Gambhir, Dhawan, Uthappa have to fight it out for that spot.

Finally, his ex-girlfriend is trying to hit on him again. When everyone were praising Rohit for his brilliant performance, Sofia bared it all and tweeted this


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