Monday, November 10, 2014

682 . How to make a successful movie in Tamil?

Steps in making a Tamil movie popular

1) The Director (Read Famous director) should announce that he is making a movie. He should not tell the name of the movie.

2) The Social media crowd (Read as FB users) will go crazy thinking about who the Hero would be and what the story could be?

3) Some FB users will create rumours that thala or thalapathy is acting in that movie

4) The Director now releases the name of the movie and also the actor's name.

5) FB fans go mad again. If Thala is the hero, then thalapathy fans will curse all the thala fans and their family members using foul language learnt during school days.

6) The Director will then announce that the movie teaser will be released on a particular day.

7) The meme creators on FB will create memes and share it across the virtual globe and will have happiness that they had done a great deal of work for mankind.

8) The director will have to then make an announcement that the movie is produced by the onnu vitta chithappa of the ex-girlfriend of Rajapakshe's aunt's son.

9) Immediately few political parties will raise slogans against the movie.

10) Debates on whether the movie should be released or not will be telecast on national television. Sema TRPs (By the way! What is the full form of TRP? Who cares!?!)

11) In the middle of all this mayhem, the director releases the trailer.

12) FB users will again create conspiracy theories. Some of them will even go to the extent of posting articles with the title " Movie story leaked"

13) The director will then announce the movie release day and will make an announcement that the producer's name will not displayed on screen (Who cares? The producer still takes his share)

By this time, the movie would have already become a massive hit even before hitting the screens.

14) The Movie will be released on theatres.

15) Thiruttu DVDs  (Theatre print / Internet print / 2.1 /5.1) will be released on consecutive days

16) Some Social media Magnet will do research on some Korean movies and will expose that the movie was shamelessly copied from a South Korean movie

17) Meme creators will have major fun on FB again by kilichufying the director.

The process goes on.


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