Monday, October 27, 2014

681. Pulicat Tales

History used to be my favourite subject during my school days. My grand mother was a History teacher in Sarah Tucker School in Tirunelveli and she taught me Indian History when I was a small boy.

This year, I visited a place called Pulicat (Pazhaverkadu in Tamil) which is at the TamilNadu- Andhra Pradesh border. The place has a rich history. The Arabs, The Portuguese, The Dutch and The British ruled this place.

When I visited the place, I could still sense the Dutch smell in the soil. I do not know how to explain that feeling.

Pulicat has a Natural harbour and the East Indian trade flourished because of this harbour. Every country around the world has had laid its eyes on India and used this port to enter our country. I am sitting in the exact location through which foreigners invaded our country. 

Behind me, One can see a small green patch of land. The Sriharikota Rocket launch pad from where ISRO launches rockets left-right and centre is located in that place. The locals of the region say that they can see the rocket launch with bare eyes.

The Dutch had done great trade in this place, in the 17th and 18th centuries. They had traded with spices and coin minting in this region for over 200 years. The Britishers finally defeated the Dutch and took control of the region.

Even today there is a Dutch cemetery in this place. This is the entrance of the cemetery. 

A skeleton of a lady with a baby in her tummy welcomed me into the cemetery. She reminded me of one of my girlfriends during my college days.

As I entered the cemetery, I noticed some illuminati symbols in the cemetery. 

Some of the Generals and big shots of the Dutch Government are laid to rest in this place. 

The Cemetery does not look like a Christian cemetery at all. It looks like some cultish cemetery with skeletons and skulls all over the place. 

Film makers should definitely scan this area for some great ideas for horror movies.

Opposite to the cemetery the ruins of the Fort Geldria can be seen. The site is now closed for archaeological purposes.

If you are a good conversationalist, you can befriend a local fisherman who will take you around the place in his boat. There is a beautiful island that will make you think that you are in Seychelles. 

And if you visit this place, do not forget to buy crab and prawns. You get the best crabs and prawns in the country in this place. The Buckingham canal (Cooum river) originates from this place.The river has very clean water and even today locals use boat to commute in this canal.

If you are living in Chennai and if you had not visited the place, it is high time you visited this place with family and friends. Search in google maps for directions.

- Chronicwriter

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