Thursday, October 23, 2014

680. My Struggle with Coconut sticks for Diwali

When I think of Diwali in Nagercoil, I can think only of crackers. I spent my childhood in a place called Nagercoil - The Best place on planet earth.

As a child I never knew the background of why they celebrated Diwali in the first place. But I loved crackers. For me "Diwali was all about bursting crackers ".

When ever I asked my parents to buy me crackers, they would always say " Why should we burn currency?". I was around ten years of age then.

I would feel like replying " Mom, You burn all the dosas and puris in the kitchen. Did I ever ask you why you waste the flour?". But I would not ask that to her.

Then I would feel like asking my dad "Appa! You ride your lamby scooter at 10 km per hour in first gear. Even a person can overtake you by walking. Aren't you wasting fuel?". But I would keep quiet.

I knew that I could argue with logical reasoning. But I was scared of my mom big time. She was a terror. She would beat me with coconut sticks. I used to hate coconut sticks. They look very thin; but they can give you pain.

My Mom used to chase me around the house with coconut sticks. I was a really good runner and I would scramble through the house.

But my sister used to be a stumbling block for me  on many occasions. She would come and block me so that Mom could catch me and beat me with those coconut sticks.

Many a time, I would even run past my sister. My Mom was a good runner too. She is like the 400 X 4 Indian relay team runner. Coconut sticks will be kept in window panes in all the rooms of the house.

So when she is on the chase, she would pick a stick from one of the windows and would still continue chasing me. The window would give her the baton to her all the time.

The problem with me was , I was not a long distance runner. I used to run out of steam and eventually I would be cornered.

I used to cry to my Mom and say " Please beat me with your hand on my back or on my butt. Please don't beat me with the coconut stick."

The coconut sticks would leave a mark on my leg. I was not worried about the pain; but I was more concerned about my class girls seeing the marks on my legs.

Back then I never knew how to gain sympathy from girls using the scars on my legs . So I never used it for my advantage. I only learnt those tricks later in my life.

Let me come back to crackers. My dad will say that If I get first rank in quarterly exams he would buy me a pack of crackers.

I will get first rank and he will buy me a pack of crackers that would contain Changu Chakram (Fire Top) , Bus Vaanam ( Pot) and Sparklers.

Noise crackers were a big No, because I was scared of them.

This picture here will give a very clear picture on how scared I was. My legs will shiver big time and sometimes I would even pee a little when I handle fire.My first noise cracker was bijili when I was 12 years old.

In this post I want to remember the poor people I have across when I was a child. I have seen little children who would wait the whole day for a new pair of clothes. Their parents would not be able to afford to buy them those clothes.

These children will walk around in our street and use the burnt crackers. Sometimes they stand in a corner of the street and watch others burning crackers and these little children will applaud every time someone else lit a cracker. We may see them even now. These children are everywhere around us.

I don't wanna use this blog post for advice. I am not gonna ask you not to light crackers. All I am asking you is, when you light a cracker, don't do it alone, just with your family. Invite the needy, poor children and celebrate along with them. If they can't buy new clothes; buy clothes for them.

Real happiness is not when you smile alone. It is when you make others smile too. That's why I write.



  1. last two lines are super good. There is no point in smiling alone :D the smile that should bring hapiness to others are worth

  2. "Real happiness is not when you smile alone. It is when you make others smile too. That's why I write."

    Moththa vithayum kondu vandhu anga eraki iruinga ji...!

  3. I too loved you last sentences regarding sharing. Will definitely follow and implement at-least once in a year or a lifetime whenever time permits me. Very good and inspiring. Keep bloging chroniwriter.

  4. nice blog, you missed the word "come" before "across" in the sentence "In this post I want to remember the poor people I have across " ..


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