Thursday, August 14, 2014

668. How will you celebrate Independence day?

This is one week when the entire Nation goes patriotic. People are changing their profile pictures to the Indian National flag in social networking sites. 

Arnab Gowsami is searching for a patriotic topic and Indian cricket team are getting ready for yet another hammering from the British as a punishment for winning one test match in this series.

I remember getting goosebumps when ever I listen AR Rahman's Vandematram. 

The last time, the whole country listened to that song was in the 2011 world cup final after the 42nd over when Dhoni was chasing down SriLanka's huge score. The other times 

I get patriotic is when ever the vande matram tone goes on when some one puts a reverse gear on their car.

I like Independence day when it does not fall on a saturday or a sunday. That is when I feel the real effect of Independence in my veins.

List of people who crib about Independence day

There are some people on Facebook who are posting status messages that they will celebrate Independence day only when men stop raping women. 

There were some other people who posted messages saying that they will celebrate Independence day only when they can walk down the street naked without any man making any crude remark on them. 

There are some men who post messages saying that they lost independence ever since they got married. These are the morons. In the name of Comedy they put soora mokkais, just like how the author of this page is running this blog for the last few years.

For such people I would request the Government to declare a working day on August 15th for them. 

I am gonna have a holiday and watch Roja for the 21st year in a row on Doordarshan. Go and celebrate your independence and freedom of speech. Go and pick up fights with people on FB, pee on the streets and terrorise women.


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  1. No, don't like AR Rehman's version of Vandematram, still like the vandematram version from Anand mathh sung by Lata.


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