Wednesday, July 30, 2014

665. Sania Mirza is an Indian

Ignore all the grammatical errors in this conversation. The author is not responsible for the mistakes. Any resemblance to any human being living or dead is purely accidental. 

- Chronicwriter


  1. TR:

    Sonia ooda ooru italy
    Sania saptadhu enga ooru idly

    Sonia saptadhu pasta..
    sania saptadhu namma ooru pista

    Subramanian swamy : TR you've jumped from African Jungle.. So you're not even a human and India..

    TR : Dai saamy..nee oru kedi
    aana enoda thalaivan modi.
    en thalaivanukku iruku daadi
    avana seendi paatha nee gaali
    adhunala un vaaya moodi
    gammunu poi pidi da beedi
    (for translated version..Click here)

    TR : @Modi: NaMo ji.See the above conversation.Mr. @swamy is calling me african.That means he indrectly tells you(my leader) as african and not Indian.

    @Swamy: with the authority vested on me,I again appoint NaMo ji(@Modi) as an Indian Brahmin.

    (Swamy left the conversation)

  2. This is much more money on spot, plus she is a terrible player

  3. Ha ha... Loved it... Chriz unnoda porumaikku our pallandu. Very nicely done..

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