Monday, June 30, 2014

658. The fake dive specialists

Robben became the butt of many meme jokes on the internet after his infamous last minute dive that shut the doors for the Mexicans in the round of 16 against the Dutch. There are many other footballers who are diving specialists.

My favourite team - Brazil is full of Oscar award winning actors. Neymar and Hulk have the tendency to succumb to the gravitational pull once they enter the opposition box. This post is dedicated to my favourite team Brazil.

Brazil leads the table in the most unfair play award category of this year's world cup. The table below shows that Brazil has had special training from the Russian gymnasts in the art of diving.

The Dutch and the Portugal team who are known for their rough play are the most fair playing teams in this year's worldcup. How ever Robben single handedly has pulled the Dutch team into the top 5 unfair teams with his dive against Mexico.

Brazil faces Columbia in the Quarter finals of world cup 2014. The Colombians look lot stronger this time. But still Brazil will win the match. Scholari has found a new method that will enable the Brazilians to win the match against Colombia. The method is explained in pictorial- story board format. Scholari's new technique is inspired from the movie Karuppusamy Kuthagaikaarar.

Those who have watched the "Karuppusamy Kuthagaikaarar Comedy sequence involving Vadivelu will understand the story board. 

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