Tuesday, June 17, 2014

653. Captain is angry with Jai mani.

The first reaction after scoring the first goal for his own team in his own net, Marcelo gave a "valiyudhupaar- thodachuko" kinda smile. The smile that we all mastered during our school days when the class teachers scold the boys in front of the girls. Apparently when our secret agents questioned Marcelo, he said that he learned this art of smiling from the most eligible bachelor of our country. Sources reveal that as it was a selfie (self goal) Marcelo got reminded of smiling for a selfie ( Soor Mokkai - I know)

Captain Vijaykanth is very angry with Jai Mani. The reasons for his anger is depicted in the picture below. 

After watching the Germany- Portugal match, I found that Portugal team is the most over rated team in this world cup. I should not judge them from one match. Let us wait and see. But Ronaldo was pathetic. His freekicks were all over the place. In a desperation to score his 50th International goal, he went nuts and he started showing his dribbling stunts at a time when it was not at all needed. His speed reminded me of Inzamam Ul Haq'a running between the wickets. The Jai Mani just toyed with the Poricha Kozhis in the world cup game.

- Chronicwriter
( Naanum World Cup Paakurein. Naanum World Cup paakurein. Naanum Football Fandhaan)


  1. Boss mocking Gabtun once or twice is OK - non-stop aa avaraye target pannina it becomes stale! As one of India's top-ranking humour-writer who has entertained readers for quite some time now from you - naanga inniyum adighama edhir paakarom :)

    1. mannithu vidungal arasey. namakku therinjadha senjuputein. indha chinna paadhaganai ungal karunai kangalaal kaneer oootri kaluvungal


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