Monday, June 16, 2014

652. Who is the best dad?

In a shocking news, it has been reported that on a single day, more than 25000 fathers suffered heart attacks on father's day. Some of the fathers suffered from mild head aches and a few others showed signs of nausea. Our special reporters from around the globe went on a interview spree and talked with many fathers and here are the interview snippets

Mr. Saminathan : My Son is an Engineer and  after he got married he could not accommodate me in his house. So he put me in an Old age home. Yesterday I saw him uploading a picture of me in his Facebook page with the caption "Dad! You are the best!". I felt like telling the whole world that he is lying. But he is my son and I don't want to expose him. I still love him.

Mr Dhanapandian : I am overjoyed to know that my son loves me. All these years I thought that he remembered me only when he needed money. Now, he has opened my eyes by letting the world know that I am the best dad on his Facebook page

Mr Suresh Nayagam : My Son and I are not in talking terms for the past 7 years. Yesterday, he posted a picture of mine on his facebook page and I am happy

Mr. Kirubagaran : I have three children. My youngest daughter felt that she did not get enough share of the property when compared with her two brothers and she filed a case against me in the court. I finally gave my house to my daughter and I am living with my elder son. Yesterday my daughter posted a picture of me on her FB page with the caption "World's best Dad".

While many dad's around the globe expressed their views like this, some husbands and wives also shared their views about their inlaws.

Mr Ganesh : My wife and I are married for three years now. My wife's parents played a major role in planting the seed of enmity between my wife and I. Because of their constant poisoning, my wife left me and is now living with her parents for the last two years. Yesterday she posted a picture of her father on FB and wrote " I am my father's princess". Would a good dad poison her daughter's mind and separate her from her husband? 

All these are vanity.

There is nothing wrong in showing love on Facebook. But let it be implemented in your life too.


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