Thursday, May 29, 2014

648. Cheenu Maamaa Method

Many cricket fans have complained that IPL7 is scripted by Hollywood directors where the actors sometimes end up doing retakes which result in the director intervening and rewriting the script in the last minute.

For instance, in a do or die match for Mumbai Indians, the original script meant that MI had to chase  down RR's score of 189 in 14.3 overs. But Mumbai Indians failed to achieve the target in 14.3 overs. So the script was rewritten in the last second and eventually they achieved the target in 14.4 overs to reach the play offs.

This method is called as Cheenu Maamaa method. This is an even more confusing method compared to Duckworth and Lewis's method. In Tamil there is a term called as "vaathu madayan" (Duck Idiot). This term is used on people who have poor mathematical skills. 

Duckworth - Lewis were such people who were really bad with their arithmetic skills. Eventually their "thappu kanakku" (wrong calculations) were adopted in Cricket. In the 1992 world cup semi finals between England and Saouth Africa, SA required 23 runs to win from 13 balls and they were cruising to victory, when rain intervened play and the father of Duckworth Lewis method came to the rescue for England when the target was revised to 22 runs from 1 ball for SA.

The Duckworth - Lewis method has shocked many teams in the past and no one has solved it. But in IPL7, a new method has emerged that has completely shocked the Duckworth-Lewis method. This new method is called as Cheenu maamaa method. This method gave a short-term happiness to MI players.

The reaction of MI players and Fans when they lost the eliminator match against CSK ON 28 May 2014

MI fans were crying foul play when CSK opener was not given out to a plumb LBW by Praveen Kumar. But little did they know that Praveen Kumar over stepped and that ball was actually a No Ball. Smith deserved a free hit. 

The highlights of the match between MI and CSK is shown in this 30 second video.

Unidentified Sources also reveal that Ambani was actually happy at the end of the match that MI lost to CSK. Harbhajjan was becoming a great catcher of Nita in every IPL and his catching skills reached new heights in this IPL.

My friend asked me whether IPL is scripted like WWE. My answer was "I don't know". Yes I really do not know. If it is scripted, then in future we might even have special appearances. In WWE Mike Tyson, Hugh Jackman have made special appearances. Similarly ShahRukh Khan might come in as an opening batsman with Gautam Gambhir, or we might even have Sunny Leone lying down between the wicket keeper and the first slip for the glamour effect. Cricket is an unpredictable game and we never know what will happen in the future.



  1. A slight correction: the England-SA farce in the 1992 WC was not due to the DL method. In fact, that result was one of the things which eventually led to the formulation and - later - adoption of the DL method.

    1. You are right. The D/L method came into effect only in the 1999 world cup. Before that it did not have a name. Still the same calculation was done in the 1992 world cup semifinals (otherwise called as thappu kanakku)

  2. How the hell do you manage to create jokes like this that too for many years. I LAUGHED like crazy at work.


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