Friday, May 16, 2014

645. Congress wins Elections by Duckworth Lewis method.

  • Finally the Rs 10000 crores spent by BJP has paid good results.
  • The Sensex really looks sensual now. India shining indeed.
  • One of the most calm Prime Ministers India has ever had has made a silent exit

  • Captain Vijayganth can now go back and continue drinking. He can also act in Ramana 2. His dreams of becoming the deputy Prime Minister is whacked big time.

  • Sister Nagma who is also a Prophetess has won for Congress in Meerut. Two people will be really happy for this result. One is Ganguly and the other is Mohan C Lazaras. Mohan C Lazaras can now form a prayer team in Political fraternity. Did you guys believe that? She ain't gonna win. Facepalm for you all.

  • There is no use for TamilNadu in this election.
  • Sources are telling that Rahul Gandhi is praying for rains so that Congress can win by Duckworth and Lewis method.
  • 132 people voted for Rakhi Sawant in this election. 
  • It is a clean win for Arnab Gowsami in this election. He should be made as the deputy Prime minister of the country or atleast as the speaker of the Lok Sabha
  • If Sonia and Rahul Gandhi wins, they will be ragged big time in the Lok Sabha. It will be a sorry state of affair to see a mother and son being ragged together in the same house by more than 300 people. 
- Chronicwriter
(More points will be added)

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